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a game by Electronic arts Redwood Shores Studio
Platforms: DS, playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based upon 1 evaluation
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 4 votes
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The Sims 2: Castaway is the 3rd entry of the series for console platforms. When an exclusive title for pcs the impressive success of the franchise warranted diverse spin-offs. This game was released for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, playstations 2, playstation Portable, and some mobile phones. Developed and also published by electronic Arts, and released in 2007, The Sims 2: Castaway is a life simulation, survival, single-player game. The video game was somewhat different than the computer version, or previously titles, including some brand-new rules and also mechanics. Those changes yet were enough to earn the title usually positive views.

Castaways, We’re all Castaways

The Sims 2: Castaway re-imagines the popular franchise that The Sims. The initial titles focused on finish freedom to imagining and creating characters from scratch and building any kind of life they observed fit. Right here we view a leave from that version of finish freedom and see players cast in a pre-set wreckage scenario. Football player are component of a crew of six Sims, the take a boat paradisiacal vacation. Everything looks good until a storm access time the crew and also their shipwrecks on Shipwreck island.

As soon as players arrive at the Sims, find a publication of guide rules with instructions for survive on the island. With exploration brand-new islands are revealed, and brand-new objectives and also quests as well. The stare and collection quests take players top top a trip to discover salvation and also finally escape your fate. Amongst the multiple islands, over there are various treasure maps, an enig areas, and also discoverable secrets to store players entertained. And of course, these secrets are all surprise behind certain objectives and sets the collectibles. These searches deserve to feel tiresome, and also somewhat pointless, especially considering the form of game The Sims is claimed to be.

A Simulation that The Sims

There are some differences that could not you re welcome all the classic The Sims fans, for once there’s no actual age progression, and time would seem to stand still if the Sims hair wouldn’t grow. Relationships likewise don’t work in the very same way, with much more specific guidelines being required for developing friendships, and relationships. Including to this, the Sims are also unable to constitute a family members or have actually sex. Finally The Sims 2: Castaway is an entirely single-player game, departing from the various other console variation which had a two-player mode.


The freedom found in various other titles is swapped out for various other objectives. Since you room stranded you space obligated to build a sanctuary yourself, through the material you have found. Clothes also need to it is in crafted and sewed. Moving throughout the islands additionally works differently, since there room no cabs, no cars or bikes. Right here players are permitted to use one-of-a-kind “portals” depending on their skills, and also motives, or handmade their very own vehicles, choose one would certainly if stranded on an island.

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This isn’t really a classic The Sims title, in fact, the looks much more like Subnautica, The Sims 3: Island Paradise, online Villagers: Origins, or The Sims Castaway Stories. This can be a fun game if you space looking for an easy survival, simulation game with a friendly UI, and also familiar gameplay. Surely a departure from the norm, this is tho a solve experience, even if the doesn’t have actually the finish freedom of various other The Sims titles.


Bold departure from the NormApproachable survival SimulationNew principles for the Series


Lack the FreedomSome pick Feel RepetitiveSemi-Open human being Finding every Secretes needs Time