In some ways, Skate 3 simply can"t it is in beaten in state of exactly how fun that is. Regardless of there being more skateboard titles recently added by indie developers, Skate 3 provides you that an excellent old suffer of rod controls and also ridiculous goals such together Hall of Meat mode. Not to mention there are awesome glitches! So, here"s just how to do the rate glitch.

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Speed Glitch Tactics

Many players refer to this together the Insane rate Glitch, and also trust us once we speak you can obtain some major speed through this point if done right! it isn"t always the most basic to pull off, however, but with practice deserve to yield some awesome results. Monitor this instructions to execute the rate glitch:

Image via EA was standing backwards, far from the direction you desire to rate off in.Ditch her board (i.e. No be stood on the or stop it).Press Xon Xbox orSquareon PlayStation to jumpThen when at the top of your jumpPress RB.After that,Press Yon Xbox orTriangleon PlayStation.

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Due come this gift a glitch rather than a cheat, that is an extremely temperamental. So, don"t it is in discouraged if that doesn"t work first time; since it probably won"t!

Once you acquire the cave of it you will have one more world the gameplay opened up to you purely because of the outrageous distances and also height you have the right to cover! over there are various levels the speed completed with the glitch which room not pre-determined through anything, for this reason you might have to perform it a couple of time to acquire the desired speed.

Try using it prior to hitting ramps and also bumps to gain some hard airtime as well! although if friend go as well high climate the video game will automatically respawn you down at ground level wherein you started, however when done appropriate you have the right to pretty much fly v the air! friend can additionally get some pretty noble tricks done, however usually won"t be able to land them because, y"know... Elevation kills humans.

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Have fun making your skater race roughly Port Carverton in ~ insane speeds! need some more Skate 3 help? Why not inspect out how to handplant.

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