v my an initial character, Lydia would certainly hang the end in the Jarl that Whiterun"s palace until i bought Breezehome, and also then she relocated in there. Through my second character, i don"t own Breezehome, however I do very own Honeyside. Ns dismissed Lydia and also went to uncover her later, however she didn"t appear in either location.

I i think I merely haven"t waited lengthy enough, however I would prefer to recognize where to suppose her. Exactly how does Lydia determine her home?

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If you very own Breezehome, she need to be there. Otherwise she have to be in Dragonreach (the store in Whiterun), for this reason you might just be taking care of a glitch.



It relies on what you have done through her. If friend don"t have a house then she"s in Dragonreach, if you have actually bought Breezehome in Whiterun she will be there uneven you have made she a Blade then she"ll it is in at skies Haven Temple.

There"s a rumor if you perform the Stormcloak search where girlfriend take over Whiterun you shed her and can"t obtain her back. Even if it is or not this is true despite I"m not sure.



Tarkenfire"s price is correct, other than that the Hearthfire DLC adds another possibility: if you"ve do Lydia the steward of one of your homes, such together Lakeview Manor, climate she will certainly be waiting there rather of in ~ Breezehome.

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