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My S&W M-66-1 2 1/2" in 98% problem has to be worth a bunch of money past ($850). That was numerous years ago. I have actually thought about shooting that more, however I store wondering, just how much it has risen in value in current years? I freshly read a price of $1700!!!! could that be true? maybe I"ll simply keep it in the safe, afterall!I don"t need the money......but it"s just worth the if I can sell that at that price. What carry out you males think about it????? Bob
:bluelogo: once you desire the BEST! Bob

When you watch prices like that in ~ auction, it"s often since people are battling, or over there is a shill bidder in play. A snub K frame 66 no lock is a great revolver, however even $850 seems a bit high to me. Ns checked recent completed auctions with numerous bits top top GunBroker and also they almost all completed below $850, through some significant exceptions. One (a Performance center Super K Lew Horton, as new in box) marketed for over $6200. A couple of ended in the $1600 variety due come some one-of-a-kind collector interest. You deserve to search perfect auctions on GunBroker if friend login.
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The 2 1/2 customs 66 does command some high prices. Also at 98% if you have the initial box it can command 1200-1500. I have actually one the is NIB and wouldn’t sell it because that 1500.00.

Right now on Gunbroker there room 11, 2.5" design 66"s. One is a like new with box, paperwork and cleaning kit, tho in the wrapper, no dash 66. It has a bid the $1125. An additional is a dash 2, like brand-new with box, papers and also cleaning kit. That one is at $905. There is one, gun just at $779 and also another in ~ $605, however they have actually days to go. The rest have actually no bids however start in ~ $799.99 and also up.
I might be wrong on the price the $850, since I don"t have actually the box, tools, or any of the extras. The is 98% no in Like new condition, yet close. I placed a couple boxes of .357 ammo thru it as soon as I first got it. I more than likely should lug it. But it remains my one of my most prized guns, together with my S&W M-10-7 and M-67, and also a Winchester 94 .30-30. I always bought guns that i really liked! Those would certainly be the critical to go......but after ~ I"m dead. I"m under to just keepers now. Bob
Well........maybe I need to shoot the more, anyway! It"s a nice every my S&W"s. The existing price the a brand-new Smith is also pretty high. In the end, it yes, really don"t issue much come me. The ones the I currently have ain"t goin" nowhere, as far as I"m concerned. Simply kinda curious......for insurance money purposes. Mine homeowner"s insurance consist of my guns for $2000 only. Ns figure..... The I could buy a few for the money. Bob
It"s a sellers industry NOW. If friend want also sell perform it now. I marketed my Colt 38 supervisor that i paid $725 for earlier this year. I put it up for sale on GB thru my LGS and it marketed for $1175.00. So ns made a few bucks even after their 15% fee.
Market worth is just that: what who in the industry will pay to obtain an item. I remember when people were paying $5k over sticker because that the Chrysler PT as soon as it an initial came ~ above the market. Pretty funny nowadays, specifically when i remember what the Chrysler mechanics nicknamed them in ~ the time: portable toilets.When it comes to firearm prices, ns am important amazed at what civilization will pay. Ns laughed the very first time someone told me their Python to be worth $2k....10 years ago.

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I"m no really interested in the money. Ns really like having nice weapons to shoot. I"ve just kept the best (to me) and also sold off the rest. I"ve to buy a couple Ruger semi-autos, 9mm. Come carry and also .22 to shoot, cheaply, and not garbage the 9mm. Lug ammo. I shoot the Smith"s some, on occasion. Bob
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