Chapter 8 Quiz- American Imerialism Multiple an option Identify the selection that finest completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Under imperialism, the stronger country attempts to a. Overcome a weaker country. B. Offer its products to a weaker country. C. Produce an empire. D. Every one of the above. 2. What link was made in between imperialism and also the American frontier? a. Imperialism would assist close the frontier. B. Close up door the frontier would certainly spur competition. C. Imperialism would offer Americans a brand-new frontier. D. Imperialism would certainly make the world more like the joined States. 3. Admiral Alfred T. Mahan suggested that to protect its trade, the United states must develop up the a. Army. B. Navy. C. Job unions. D. Pioneer spirit. 4. To assistance their view, anti-imperialists suggested that a. Imperialism would mitigate U.S. Military forces. B. The unified States must get much more involved in international affairs. C. Imperialism rubbish the American ideal of “liberty because that all.” d. Imperialism would certainly make the joined States an ext admired in the world. 5. Anti-imperialists likewise objected to the a. Independence of the Philippines. B. The novelist Amendmentc. D.costs of expansion. Revenue of American goods abroad.6. American service leaders favored growth in order come a. Establish realm throughout the world. B. Resolve the economic problem of overproduction. C. Develop military equality through European nations. D. Avoid Russian development into Alaska. 7. Part anti-imperialists feared the existence of a. Foreign markets. C. B. Different races in the joined States. D.newly independent nations a new frontier.8. Expansionists, such as Theodore Roosevelt, argued that a search for realm would a. Turn right into a army disaster. C. Reclaim the country’s pioneer spirit. B. Open up Latin America to intrusion d. Do the U.S. More powerful than Britain. 9. The joined States linked Hawaii due to the fact that a. Queen Liliuokalani executed several international merchants. B. The unified States needed naval station in the Pacific. C. Hawaiians asked for American protection. D. The Boxers started a rebellion.110. I m sorry of the following demonstrated enforcement the the Monroe Doctrine? a. The unified States encouraged Japan to open trade relations. B. The united States permitted Hawaiians to import sugar duty free. C. The United says insisted that an excellent Britain submit a boundary dispute with Venezuela come arbitration. D. The United says competed versus France and Britain for eastern markets. 11. In the 1890s, william R. Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer provided their papers to a. Help start the Boxer Rebellion. C. Repeal the Monroe Doctrine. B. Boost sympathy because that Cuban rebels. D. Selected Theodore Roosevelt President. 12. Which occasion led to the Spanish-American War? a. Cubans rebelled versus Spanish rule. B. The united States linked Cuba. C. Spain ruined American-owned sugar plantations in the Philippines. D. The Spanish marine sank two American pearl in the Pacific. 13. As a an outcome of the tranquility treaty through Spain, the joined States obtained a. Honduras, Colombia, and also Cuba. C. Mexico, Venezuela, and Chile. B. The Philippines, Guam, and also Puerto Rico. D. Samoa, the Philippines, and Hawaii. 14. The unified States annexed the Midway islands to collection up a. Cotton plantations. C. Industries for food and also other goods. B. A navy refueling and repair station. D. A farm-machine factory. 15. Why was the open Door Policy vital to the unified States? a. It gave the United says territory in China. B. It provided the unified States accessibility to countless consumers in China. C. It raised Chinese invest in the unified States. D. It maintained European products out the China. 16. What to be the main message that the Roosevelt Corollary? a. United states territories can not enter any foreign agreements. B. United states territories would remain unincorporated. C. The United says would use pressure to prevent intervention in bordering countries. D. The United says would support revolutionary movements that supported democratic principles. 17. The building of the Panama Canal was important because it a. Assisted stabilize the economic situations of Latin American countries. B. Boosted relations between Colombia and the joined States. C. Helped with movement in between Atlantic and also Pacific ports. D. Advocated European investment in the united States. 18. The United says acquired control of the Canal Zone by a. Paying Panama $25 million. C. Signing a treaty with Spain. B. Pass the Roosevelt Corollary. D. Arranging a rebellion in Panama. 19. Among Latin Americans, United says actions related to the Panama Canal developed a. Hope because that a prosperous future. C. Calls for Roosevelt’s impeachment. B. Okay will towards the united States. D. A long-lasting economic crisis. 220. President Taft was known for a foreign policy based on a. Army intervention. C. Floor concessions. B. Financial investment. D. Humanitarian projects. 21. Human being in international lands turned versus the united States as soon as it a. Closed its doors come immigrants. C. Supported unpopular governments. B. Refused to sell produced goods. D. Insisted ~ above “liberty for all.”22. The above cartoon is an example of which popular media tactic? a. Anti-Imperialism Cartoons c. Yellow Journalism b. Ethnocentric fixed media d. Jingoism23. The above cartoon is most carefully related come which that the following? a. The Monroe doctrine c. The Roosevelt Corallary b. Anti-Imperialist arguments d. Washington’s farewell Address324. Which of the complying with most carefully relates to the main insurance claim of the cartoon above? a. The joined States should imperialize the west Hemisphere. B. The unified States have to not imperialize the western Hemisphere. C. The United says would protest Europe’s initiatives to imperialize the western Hemisphere. D. The United claims welcomed European intervention in the west Hemisphere.25. The over cartoon most carefully relates come which the the following? a. The Monroe doctrine c. The Russo-Japanese war b. The Roosevelt Corollary d. The open Door Policy4ID: AChapter 8 Quiz- American Imerialism Answer ar MULTIPLE an option 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

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