I chose to do this article because, this is something that needs to be called out, and it’s the sword designs in Sonic and the black Knight. The game seems fun, and I’ve seen the bosses, they look genuinely great. However uh... The swords varying from Galahad down to Gawain are just AWFUL. I happen to be a Practitioner the Hema and I’ve practiced with all develops of swords, which has given me time to number out whatever I have to know about them. And also I assumed I’d start this the end by putting picture of the overcome sections the swords, because this will be essential for later. I would additionally compare the weapons in this game to the ones in the old movie i watched, “The Longships” based on the Scandinavian Vikings with the weapons and also armor usually non-existent or really shitty where just the Arabic’s in the movie had good weapons and also armor. Unless the plot says they don’t. Few of these swords space decent, yet I still despise their designs due to the fact that they look as if my baby cousin do them. And also I don’t care it’s a game, the basics the sword style still apply to games. Ns mean, even Kingdom Come Deliverance acquired that right. And also Skyrim, due to the fact that I think the sword design in both gamings are great.

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I believed I’d call these fuckers the end first, since they’re actually awful. It looks prefer some venomous mix that a sword and also an axe. Clearly in the image, it’s screwed in over there with middle ages threads. That’s interesting, but that is a disastrous design, because that takes far the rigidity of a complete Tang. The tang being the steel that goes through the handle on all swords, even Katanas. Also, what the crap is the middle component holding? AIR? Also, the connection to the take care of looks as well weak, and would most certainly break if the struck armor. Over there are also spikes on the blade, and also my an answer to that is with this video clip indigenous Jon Tron.

Thanks Jon. You explained it because that me! But, anyways, spikes could look intimidating, yet most enemies you’d be dealing with at the minimum are armed with Riveted Chainmail, i beg your pardon is self explanatory, however the capture of Riveted mail is, well... It’s 10x more powerful than Butted mail which is the shit you acquire for your cosplays, that lighter, and also there is nothing come hate around it because you can’t rip it with your bare hands like you have the right to with Butted Mail. If you’re going against an armored opponent, those spikes can acquire stuck in the armor, in fact, that’s an issue with war Picks, they obtain stuck in armor. Also, any type of tests you watch with world busting with Plate Armor or Riveted Chainmail space bullshit, usually being do of bad quality steel, and also being done improperly. World wouldn’t wear more weight on them in the middle ages era if Armor to be useless. In ~ the finish I’ll link two good videos from Shadiversity, a medieval YouTuber who did videos around Mail and also Plate armor since I’m too lazy to perform that research study again. Also, there is a absence of a pommel on the bottom, so unless there space some great handle scales or a no on slide grip, i don’t think her hand will be able to stay chop on there, especially due to the fact that Gawain wears steel gauntlets, and also speaking from experience from spars I have actually done, it’s an overwhelming to hold onto a sword through gauntlets on, 2 would be even harder, especially without a pommel. Yet that’s only the an initial one. The others... Five god they can be awful, and I’ll gain to Galahad later.

The blade of teacher Lancelot/Shadow


I don’t really dislike this blade, it has a quite sound blade geometry, but, i still have actually some criticisms. While that doesn’t have a pommel, i beg your pardon by currently you currently know ns don’t like, the does have a decent Crossguard that ns don’t really hate, the security is sound, and exists, unlike on the sword from Galahad, and likewise Gawain. Now, there room some points I can fault the for, favor the method it is supplied which renders the entire fucking guard, useless. It’s supplied upside down, which, is something that you don’t carry out in Hema, that not also in the historical manuscripts and manuals. Which is rather offensive to me, since I have actually tested underhand swordplay, and it’s useless. There is no practical applications to it, unless you’re suicidal or some shit. Mostly since you can barely protect or strike, you have the right to do thrusts, however they’re less efficient unless your adversary is top top the floor or next to you, i guess.



Moving out of single edged blades and also into twin edged, my personal favorite because I have much an ext leeway in mine strikes. Now, lot like all of the swords we’ve already seen, no pommel, and that offers it the same worries as the others. Now, I currently hate this thing, since I discovered some reference images that showed me the side, and also it is awful. The crossguard and the area wherein Caliburn’s challenge is, is too fucking thick, the fucks up the allude of balance in the blade, in fact, blades were made an extremely THIN on both the blade and guard to limit the weight and also make lock light sufficient to be wieldable, yet have enough heft to carry out some damage versus an opponent. I likewise get they offered swords, the classic weapon that the middle Ages, but they to be historically sidearms, lot like a pistol this particular day is a sidearm. Many knights and also soldiers would have their sidearm, a sword, and either an axe, polearm, or mace. Perhaps a mix of the three depending upon the article or soldier, because specific weapons have details capabilities against particular opponents. And also remember the diagram? Well, here is why the important, the blade shape of Caliburn is a Hexagonal design, and also while I’d like a lenticular design, points come them because that making this one rather decent. But, since this is something come address, swords room awesome, yes, and fashion has a massive affect on both armor and weapons. This swords on first glance, look beautiful, I will be ethical with that. But, me gift me, I’ll always find something to hate, with Caliburn, Arondight, and Laevatein being the only three i don’t hate with a passion. But oh god, this nightmare ain’t over.

The rapier that Percival


Stick through me top top this one, but, i couldn’t discover the standalone sword, therefore I decided to make perform with this one mirroring all the swords we already talked about, therefore bear with me while ns talk around Laevatein. Now, earlier to our Diagram, this is a diamond overcome section, which is discovered in both daggers and also rapiers, since let’s be honest, they nothing make great cutters. And also while I can complain around a lack of a pommel, here’s a snapshot of these historic rapiers, so, ns cannot really dislike on this one around the pommel part.

Now yes, these have pommels, but, in my opinion, the design of Percival’s rapier mitigates the require of one, because the rod of metal that go in former of the hand and also to what would normally be a pommel would prevent your hand indigenous slipping off, so points because that that, i guess. And that likewise opens the opportunity of the ahem... “pommel” top top this particular sword being supplied as a weapon. I just say this one since your hand wouldn’t slide under as girlfriend strike v it. So yeah, yes that. Now, the cup is really ornate, but, so we’re late Middle periods to Mid Renaissance polearms, armor, and swords. The cup is also historically accurate, over there are historic rapiers and side swords through a cup over the hand. Therefore yeah, this knife I actually like, due to the fact that it is truly, in the history accurate, and I yes, really love it. But, together for effectiveness, unless a battle ready replica is made and gifted come me, ns will never ever know since I am no a blacksmith, in ~ all.


First off, I’mma say, congratulations for our very first fucking pommel that looks even fifty percent decent! Also, once I to be talking about these swords with some people, someone discussed that this one’s handle looks like you wouldn’t be able to hold it, and yeah, ns agree. That looks prefer it tapers down too lot to the suggest you probably wouldn’t have the ability to clench a fist approximately it, and additionally makes the handle a negative design, however I will say this in every bold letters to gain my point across with this one.

WHY THE yes, really FUCK, IS THE blade SO THICK and also SCALED?

I have actually seen reference pictures of the thickness, friend wouldn’t have the ability to hold it in 2 hands, and also I’m supposed to believe this asshole here can wield it through ONE? Also, why space there scales on it? Is it simply there to include unnecessary load or to do it watch cool? ns gonna speak both, but the knife still looks awful. Though, I better say some an excellent things around it. The end of the blade permits for far more devastating attract cuts and could possibly bust with armor, and also I assumption: v it could be supplied as a hand and also a fifty percent sword, or a Bastard sword if you want to be specific. And also that’s pretty much it. The crossguard is decent, but, it’s also thick together well. And likewise the bowl on the side organize no helpful purpose. So yeah, this is what I’m talk about, swords that room absolutely horrible.

The blade of Galahad

This monstrosity i absolutely dread, and I deserve to barely call it anything various other than a sword since I have actually no idea what the fuck that is. Is it a spearhead that broke and was repurposed into a sword or something? it’s literally every problem from every among these swords combined. No pommel, no guard, ns don’t also know what this thing is supposed to do. Is it expected for cut or thrusts? i don’t fucking know, I simply know that I hate it v a passion and it’s the worst knife out that the bunch. I offer it a 0/10, i am done with this.

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I think we have the right to safely say that these swords space for the many part, awful. Indigenous the perspective of a swordsman, if you desire sword architecture that looks historical and also great, pat Kingdom Come Deliverance or Skyrim, if you desire swords prefer these, well, you understand what game to play. Ns won’t judge you if you like the designs, you as a human being space entitled to an opinion, lot like the rest of us. Anyways, i am commentary Crusader, and also I guess I’ll watch you all following time or something.