Although buenoand malomight be enough adjective-wise come scrape by on for a when (read: a main or so),dividing the whole civilization into “good” and “bad” isn’t only boring for those who have to listen come you, however it’s additionally limiting.

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But if you’re worried that learning much more adjectives will be time-consuming and also a strain on your brain, avoid that thought there.

Did you know that many common Spanish adjectives are very comparable to their English counterparts?

And that’s not the only reason why you should swot increase on typical adjectives…

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What’s the allude of finding out Spanish Adjectives?

Learning a language is around expressing yourself, and just as you prefer to explain your thoughts and feelings on a selection of situations, objects, films, places and also people v a totality load of various words in your very own language, there’s no reason why you can’t perform the exact same in Spanish.

Adjectives also include color, attention and variety to her Spanish and aid you describe yourself and also others better.

Where walk an Adjective walk in a Spanish Sentence?

The stimulate of adjective is miscellaneous that countless beginners struggle to get their top around, but just remember the unlike in English, Spanish adjective usually seek the noun. So instead of speak “he has actually beautiful blue eyes,” you to speak the identical of “he has actually eyes blue beautiful”—“tiene unos ojos azules preciosos.”

It could sound weird in ~ first, yet once you acquire the idea, noun prior to adjective will come naturally to you.

Also, don’t forget the each adjective deserve to either be masculine, feminine, singular and also plural. So, the wordlindo can actually be lindo (masculine single), linda(femininesingle), lindos (masculine plural) or lindas(feminine plural)so that itagrees with the noun it’s modifying.

That method that if you’re talking about a plural, feminine noun, like palabras(words), you’d require the plural, feminine adjective.

¡Qué lindas palabras!(What beautiful words!)

For the purpose of this post, all adjectives will be written in woman singular. Clickhere for an ext information ~ above the ins and outs of the bespeak of adjective in Spanish.

One great Way to find out Spanish Adjectives: yes, really Videos

Of course, adjectives deserve to behave quite in different ways in the wild, far from the lab-like boundaries of this article.

Want to check out some yes, really uses of these words?

To view Spanish adjective (and any type of kind of Spanish) in real-life situations and also sentences, check out! take away real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and also inspiring talks—and transforms them into personalized language finding out lessons.

various other sites usage scripted content. uses a natural approach the helps you ease into the Spanish language and society over time. You’ll find out Spanish as it’s actually spoken by genuine people. has a wide selection of videos topics, as you have the right to see here:

* brings indigenous videos in ~ reach with interactive transcripts. You have the right to tap on any type of word to look it up instantly. Every an interpretation has instances that have actually been written to aid you understand how the native is used.

Plus, if you watch an amazing word girlfriend don’t know, friend can include it come a vocab list.


evaluation a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and also phrases provided under Vocab.


learn all the vocabulary in any video clip with’s robust finding out engine. Swipe left or best to see much more examples of the word you’re on.


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And now that girlfriend know just how to include adjectives to your sentences, let’s obtain going v that an excellent list i promised.

50 usual Spanish adjectives to describe the World around You

1. lindo(pretty)

Remember those beautiful blue eyes?

¡Qué lindos que son! (They’re so pretty!)

2. feo(ugly)

I don’t think anyone ever talks around ugly eyes, but there’s plenty much more in life that can befeo,such together the appearance, behavior or performance of someone or something.

3. feliz(happy)

Just favor Pharrell Williams.

Remember there’s a difference in between estoy feliz (I’m temporarily happy) and soy feliz(I’m a happy person). Pharrell is may be both.

For an ext on the differences in between temporary and permanent happiness—from a grammatical suggest of view, that is, we’re not gaining existential ~ above you—see this article on once to usage serandestar.

4. triste(sad)

You can’t be happy every the time! Here’s exactly how to talk around feeling down.

Todos nos sentimos tristes cuando termina la canción de Pharrell. (We all feeling sad as soon as Pharrell’s song is over).

5. alto(tall)

Now we’re getting into some physical nature here.

Algunas personas en el video clip de Pharrell boy altas. (Some civilization in Pharrell’s video are tall.)

6. bajo(short)

Not everyone’s the same, therefore you have to know just how to define a spectrum that traits.

Y algunas son bajas.(And some room short.)

7. grande(big)

Just like Pharrell’s smile.Note the normallyadjectives finishing in -eare the exact same for both formasculine and also feminine nouns.

Tiene una sonrisa muy grande. (He has actually a very large smile.)

8. pequeño(small)

We have to take unpequeño recreo (a tiny break) native talking around Pharrell.

9. simple(simple)

This one yes, really is simple.

Just take care to get your joint right. Uneven in English, the Spanish word has actually stress on thebeginning the the word. If in English, you pronounce this native sim-PLE (or sim-PULL, phonetically), in Spanish, the tension ison the an initial syllable, making itSIM-ple (or SEEM-pley).

It can additionally take top top the connotation of “bland” or “lacking” in something, particularly when describing food.

10. complicado(complicated)

It’s no complicado at every to number out this word.

11. divertido(fun)

But it’sdivertidoto job-related out this one.

Just prefer the word because that “happy”—and numerous others—whether you usage seror estarbefore this adjective can change its meaning. Watch here:

Juan es divertido.(Juan is fun.)

The above method that Juan is a fun person in general. Remember the seris used to talk around general situations, properties or things that are constantly true.

Meanwhile, Juan está divertido hoy(Juan is fun today) says he isn’t usually so fun, yet today is an exception. The usage of estarin this version of the statement highlights the short-lived nature of Juan being fun.

12. aburrido(boring)

If you think adjectives are boring, you’re wrong. Stick v it.

No me digas que es aburrido. (Don’t call me it’s boring.)

Once again, keep in mind that the use of seror estarcan change the meaning of this adjective, albeit in a slightly various way. Something or someone can be boring (es aburrido), or can be bored(está aburrido).

13. rico(rich)

This can beused come talk about rich people, for example:

Ella es rica. (She is rich.)

You can likewise say food is rico, because that example:

La sopa está rica. (The soup is delicious.)

Note the various use the serand estarwith these different meanings. You’ve gained one usage that’s explicate a building of a person’s being, and another relenten a short-lived taste being regarded at the moment.

14. pobre(poor)

Like in English, you deserve to talk about someone gift poor, together in not having any money.

La chica es muy pobre.(The girl is really poor.)

Or you have the right to use in an exclamation or expression of sympathy because that someone:

¡Pobre chica! (Poor girl!)

This is arguing she’s not having a good time, return she might in truth bericain the paper definition of wealth.

15. delicioso(delicious)

An alternative to saying food is ricoisdelicioso.

16. repugnante(disgusting)

This is a solid word, and also you have the right to always include a disgusted face for extra effect.

17. inteligente(intelligent)

You don’t have to be inteligente to work this one out.

18. tonto(stupid)

Estúpido is additionally a word definition the very same thing, however it’s actually no that typically used.

19. nuevo(new)

You got that one, right?

20. viejo(old)

You have the right to say “los viejos” to casually describe your parents, back they might not choose it.

This isn’t generally taken into consideration to be offensive or rude, yet that all counts on the parents.

21. abierto(open)

Asin English, this can refer come a person.

Es una persona muy abierta.(He/she is a an extremely open person.)

Or it have the right to refer to a shop or establishment.

La tiendaestá abierta hasta ras 5 de la tarde.(The shop is open until 5 in the afternoon).

Again, keep in mind the difference in the use of the verb ser and also estar.

22. cerrado(closed)

The shop could likewise be closeup of the door late,if it’s in a country thattakes itssiestaseriously.

La tienda está cerrada hasta ras 5 de la tarde.(The shop is closed till 5 in the afternoon.)

23. cansado(tired)

Did someone say siesta?

De repente estoy cansada. (I’m unexpectedly tired.)

Cansadoisn’t come be perplexed with casado, which method married.

24. despierto(awake)

This is exactly what friend don’t desire to be duringsiestatime.

25. caluroso(hot)

The factor for thesiestaduring this sunny time the day.

Está caluroso.(It’s hot.)

26. frío(cold)

You can use this come talk around the lowertemperatures on the thermometer.

No hay siesta en países más fríos.(There’s nosiestain cooler countries.)

27. caro(expensive)

¿Son más caros los países sin siesta? (Are the countries with no siestamore expensive?).

28. barato(cheap)

Answers ~ above a postcard please.

¿O boy más baratos?(Or are they cheaper?)


I’m sure you have the right to learn words for rapid muy rápidoif girlfriend didn’t understand it already.

30. lento(slow)

But psychic to sluggish down if this perform is as well much info all in ~ once.

Este mundo necesita más movimientoslentos.(This world needs an ext slow moves.)

31. loco(crazy)

We all understand this one already, many thanks to Ricky Martin and his “Livin’ la Vida Loca.”

32. tranquilo(tranquil)

This can additionally be used as a tip or order, in enhancement to one adjective definition “calm” or “tranquil.”

If friend say “tranquilo” to who who’s operated up, you’re informing them to patience down. It’s a pleasant way to to speak this and be reassuring, as soon as said in a calm tone.

33. fuerte(strong)

If you walk to the gym every day, you’ll getfuerte,hopefully.

34.débil (weak)

But if friend still feelun poco débil (a little weak),don’t be too difficult on yourself.

35. enfermo(sick)

You might beun poco enfermo(a tiny sick) or you might just need more time, and also perhaps a gym instructor.

36. sano(healthy)

As you could have guessed, this can additionally mean “sane,” in recommendation to mental/emotional health. One of two people way, it’s definitely a compliment or a confident thing to be.

37. dulce(sweet)

This isn’t just about flavor, the can likewise be a compliment, referring to someone’s sweet nature.

Eres dulce.(You’re sweet.)

Or the person talking could be confuse you with that large sticky bun you’re standing next to—and instead say está dulce,which is offered to describe a sweet taste.Again, note how using serand estarcan adjust the meaning of the adjective native a permanent personality trait to the temporary flavor that a food.

38. salado(savory)

Saladomore directly way “salty,” but can describe any kind of savory dish. It’s also used in a number of colloquialisms roughly Latin America, so keep an ear out for those!

39. limpio(clean)

Let’s expect the ar where you’re buying the sticky buns islimpioand barato too, why not?

40.sucio (dirty)

Just a suggestion.

Si es un poco sucio, deberías ir a otro lado. (If it’s a small dirty, friend should more than likely go what else).

41. seco(dry)

Hopefullyes un día seco(it’s a dried day), so girlfriend won’t get mojado top top the means to the various other bakery.

42. mojado(wet)

I already gave this one away, didn’t I? This native is useful if that does start raining.

43. injusto(unfair)

Did your favorite sweater gain mojado?

And your friend stole your umbrella and also ran away?

¡Qué injusto!(How unfair!)

44. justo(fair)

Definitely not fair.

No es justo. (It’s no fair.)

That friend shouldn’t have done the under any circumstances.

45. vacío(empty)

What your life’s gonna feel like when you finish this post.

46. lleno(full)

What her vocabulary notebook’s gonna look at like as soon as you create down every these good new words.

47. delgado(thin)

I can’t say how you’ll look as soon as you’ve finished this. Probably the very same as when you started.


Maybe her notebook will certainly be más gordoif youdownload this write-up as a PDF,print it and stick that in your notebook?

49. bueno(good)

Just in case you’d forgotten the basics after learning all these new words.


Ditto. It’s always an excellent to remember this essentials!

So, go on and be un(a) estudiante bueno/a(a good student) and learn this totality list!

You’ll be happy like Pharrell if you carry out (I go say us were taking a break, no forgetting about him altogether).

It’ll bedivertido, simpleand you’ll come across as reallyinteligenteonce you’re using these adjectives in your everyday Spanish life.

Go because that it!

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