106 is a composite number as the has much more than 2 factors. The various other two determinants are 2 and also 53, which cannot be simplified any kind of further, making 106 one irrational number. In this chapter, we will calculate the square root of 106 by long division method together with solved examples. Let us see what the square root of 106 is.

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Square root of 106106 = 10.295Square of 106: 1062 = 11236
1.What Is the Square source of 106?
2.Is Square source of 106 rational or Irrational?
3.Important note on Square source of 106
4.How to discover the Square source of 106?
5.Thinking the end of the Box!
6.FAQs top top Square root of 106

What Is the Square root of 106?

Square root is simply an inverse operation of square. The number who square provides 106, is the square source of 106. The square source of 106 is stood for as 106. 

Is the Square source of 106 rational or Irrational?

Square source of 106 cannot be composed in the type of p/q, where p and also q are integers and q is not equal come 0. The value of 106 is 10.295630140987.. Hence, 106 is not a rational number. 

Important Notes:

106 lies between two perfect square numbers, 100 and also 121. Hence, the square source of 106 lies between 10 and 11.106 is no a perfect square, hence, 106 is one irrational number.

How to find the Square source of 106?

There space different methods to find the square root of any kind of number. Click here to know more about the different methods.

Simplified Radical kind of Square root of 106

106 is a composite number acquired by the product of two prime numbers, 2 and 53. Hence, the simplified radical kind of 106 is 106.

We can find the square source of 106 by the complying with two methods:

Prime administer MethodLong division Method

Square root of 106 by element Factorization 

106 have the right to be factorized as a product the 2 and also 53, which are prime numbers. Hence, 106 = (2 × 53). 2 and also 53 can not be factorized any kind of further. Thus, the square source of 106 is composed as 106.

Square source of 106 by long Division

The worth of square root of 106 by long division method consists of the adhering to steps:

Step 1: an initial we pair the digits of 106 starting with a number at one"s place. Placed a horizontal bar to indicate pairing.Step 2: Now we find a number i beg your pardon on multiplication with itself offers a product of less than or equal to 1. Together we understand 1 × 1 = 1 = 1. Step 3: Now, we have actually to carry down 06 and multiply the quotient by 2. This give us 2. Hence, 2 is the beginning digit of the new divisor.Step 4: 0 is placed at one"s location of brand-new divisor due to the fact that when 20 is multiplied by 0 we get 0. The obtained answer currently is 20 and we carry down 00.Step 5: The quotient is now 10 and it is multiply by 2. This gives 20, which becomes the beginning digit that the brand-new divisor.Step 6: 2 is inserted at one"s ar of new divisor because on multiplying 202 by 2 we gain 404. The price now derived is196 and also we lug 00 down.Step 7: now the quotient is 102 when multiplied by 2 which offers 204, which will certainly be the starting digit the the new divisor.Step 8: 9 is placed at one"s ar of the divisor because on multiplying 2049 by 9 we obtain 18441. The answer derived is 1159 and also we carry 00 down.Step 9: currently the quotient is 1029 when multiply by 2 gives 2058, which will be the beginning digit that the new divisor.Step 10: 5 is put at one"s place of the divisor since on multiplying 20585 through 5, we will obtain 102925. The answer obtained is 12975 and we carry 00 down.

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On repeating the over steps us will obtain value that square root of 106 as 106 = 10.295630140987..

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Think Tank:

Can girlfriend find any quadratic equation which has a root together 106?As (-106)2=106, deserve to we say the -106 is also a square source of 106?