Standard elevation of window From Floor Level is an essential point of conversation while creating a new house or renovating one old house. The proper height the the window is an extremely important for comfortable living together it patent the sun and also natural wait entry from the exact level.

What Is Window?

Awindowis one kind of opening in the wall, which provides passage to happen light, sound, and also sometimes air. Contemporary windows typically have glazed or covered withtransparentor translucent material.

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The windows are the most important component of any kind of house which offers light,fresh air,and ventilation in the house. Windows are additionally useful for the functions of architecture decoration. The windows noted allows light right into the room, boost your wall colors or furniture. It listed seasonal energy like allows sun warm into the room and close the opening throughout summer to stop outer heat to go into the house.

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Types the Windows

There room different types of windows available in the market, friend can choose from them as per her requirements. The windows can have various shapes prefer square, rectangular, and also even triangular. Some windows open outward, some slide up, under or slides one next to open. These species are easily accessible in various materials like wood, steel, aluminum, and PVC also used to make a window. Complying with are the 18 popular varieties of the window as listed below:

Single Hung WindowsDouble Hung home windows Arched windows Awning home windows Bay windows Bow windows Casement home windows Egress home windows Garden window Glass Block home windows Hopper home windows Jalousie windows photo Windows ring Circle windows Skylight windows Sliding windows Storm home windows Transom home windows

Height of window From Floor

Windows are a an extremely essential component of any house. Because that a simple residential building or house, a minimum of 15 % area of the room is enabled to administer for home window openings. That means we can carry out a home window opening area of approximately 15 % the the room area. If the area that the room is 100 sq. Ft., then us can administer one window with dimension 4 ft x 4 ft. For public and commercial structures this is about 20 % allowed.

The broad of the window depends on factors like

The measurement of the roomUse of the roomLocation of the roomDirection and also speed that prevailing windsClimatic problems of the region, andLocal trends, aesthetic view, etc.

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Standard dimension of Window

Following are some conventional sizes of home windows is greatly used in the house.

The standard height of the window from the floor usually fix, but it can be adjusted as every architectural and owner requirements. Windows elevation is fixed about 4 ft or up to the level the the door frame or lintel level.

Standard height of the home window from floor level

So, the Standard elevation of the door from floor level is 2.1 m or 7 ft. it deserve to be merely calculated by following calculations,

Windowsheight indigenous floor level = height of Door – height of Window

If the height of the door is 7 ft and also the height of the home window is 4 ft, climate the height of the window will be = 7 ft – 4 ft = 3 ft.

The Standard elevation of the window from floor level is 900 mm or 3 ft. It have the right to vary depending upon the size of the window, ceiling height, and owner requirement.


What elevation should a window be indigenous the floor?

3 ft or 900mmThe elevation of the window from the ground or floor level is called sill level. Vice versa, the minimum height forced as per criter is 900mm or 3 ft. However, the sill level could vary depending on the requirements of the Houseowner.

Width that the window depends on which parameters?

Following are the parameters on i m sorry the broad of the home window is dependant;1.The measurement of the room2. Use of the room3. Place of the room4. Direction and speed that prevailing winds5. Climatic conditions of the region, and6. Local trends, aesthetic view, etc.

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How high is a standard window?

2.1m or 2100mm indigenous floorThe elevation of the home window top indigenous the floor is likewise called as Head elevation of the window. As per standards, the is maintained at 2.1 m indigenous the floor.