anywhere from $125 come $600 or $700 depending on the details the the problem of the gun and it"s sports within that model.

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Chris: Retail worth for a the problem shown would variety from $300 to $500 relying on mechanical and also bore condition.

Made in the duration 1949-1960.

Your shotgun should have the Savage/Stevens day code stamped top top the bottom the the frame between the trigger guard and also the hinge pin.

The Savage/Stevens date code is a easy stamped 1/4" diameter circle located on the recipient or barrel which consists of one or 2 numbers and also a letter. The letter is the date code which began in 1949; A = 1949, B = 1950, C = 1951, D = 1952, etc.

Made in the period 1971-1988.

Post the serial number through letter perefix for year the manufacture.

Please article detailed images of both political parties of the receiver area, both sides of the gun and also readable, close-ups of every markings, including patent days for identification and also evaluation. You re welcome high light every markings v chalk or a white grease pencil for magnified readability.

Mike: eastern Arms agency was a trade used on shotguns created Sears Roebuck and agency of Chicago, IL.

The Sears model 101.7 is a variant of the Springfield (a Stevens trade brand) version 311 built on the No. 5100 ductile iron frame in the period 1940-1948. There are no records available to provide a much more exact date.

Retail worth for a pistol in good or far better condition would variety from $250 come $350 relying on mechanical and bore condition and also remaining original wood and also metal finish.

Thanks not concerned about value as much as date. Together it was my grandfathers gunSo many thanks for all the info..

Norm: You have actually not provided sufficient details to determine your shotgun.

The Savage/Stevens date code is a 1/4"circle through one or two numbers and a letter in the circle and may it is in stamped ~ above the barrels or the frame. The letter is the day code.

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Please post detailed images of both sides of the gun, both sides and also top and also bottom of the recipient area and also READABLE, close-ups of all markings consisting of the barrel flats, barrel underside and the structure watertable after ~ the barrels have been gotten rid of from the structure for identification and also evaluation.

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