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i"ve been browsing the forum and have only uncovered a few alternativesalcohol- burns too hot, wick goes back quickcharcoal lighter liquid - works however gunks increase the wick additionally taste like crapgas- dont recognize as over there are numerous mixed reviewspaint thinner- supposedly works well can anyone else include to the list?does acetone work? or would certainly that it is in the same outcome together alcohol? any type of else taste bad?

I"ve got to say, go v the fluid lighter fuel, native Ronson or Zippo or what have you, ideal results because that me.
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My dad offered to fill up the Zippos with benzene. Worked great.It was free and numerous where he worked.It"s also a known carcenogen. Didn"t understand that in ~ the time.He passed away at 62 indigenous cancer.Who knows.

My dad supplied to to fill up the Zippos with benzene. Operated great.It was complimentary and plentiful where the worked.It"s likewise a known carcenogen. Didn"t recognize that in ~ the time.He died at 62 native cancer.Who knows.
You to win me come it.As a smoker I"m taking enough risks with the tobacco - no should compound my stupidity with recognized carcinogen comprise fuels as well. Just use the Zippo / consistent lighter fuel - favor what it"s claimed to be supplied for.

I was simply thinking the exact same thing. Denatured alcohol is provided for do the lightweight stoves! I would think the would occupational for a zippo too!
I to be pretty certain on my tank in the field, the my driver ran the end of Zippo fuel on a gunnery and also was using JP8 (Basically a higher grade diesel fuel) in his Zippo, i never also thought about it till now, therefore I"m pretty sure you can use just about anything in them, however from personal experience I use a Bic.
I supplied to to fill mine with Coleman lantern fuel once I ran the end of Zippo fluid. Not certain what it is, yet it operated pretty fine in the Zippo.
Cheap cologne works surprisingly well when needed. Expensive cologne may work also but I"ve never ever bought any....
Diesel fuel or home heating oil should work.Its even enviromentaly friendly currently with the short sulfer :taped:
Gasoline will work, yet has a short vapor point. If the lighter it s okay to warm, and also the fuel within it as well, girlfriend risk having that lighter speed a cloud that fuel as soon as you ignite it. Ns think naphtha burns clean and also might have a slightly greater vapor suggest but no by much. Zippo fuel no smell like naphtha as much as my sleep is concerned. Ns think zippo fuel and comparable are a combination of a light short vapor suggest fuel and something oilier to lower the flash point. I usage naphtha a lot together a clean agent because that non water based adhesives. That clean. Leaves no residue oily or other when it evaporates. Probably naphtha and kerosene or diesel mix?
I usage Coleman fuel, naptha, fragrant white spirits, Jet-A or JP8. Every work.Avoid automotive unleaded petrol or avgas uneven you room wearing Nomex gloves and face screen!
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Every paint and home facility has it. You need to live extremely rural not to have a HomeDepot/Lowes/Menards in her county.Naptha or white gas will certainly both work simply the exact same as specialized lighter fuel.
Need more info? shot this: Search making use of Google, kind "" in Google"s search box, complied with by the search parameters. You deserve to use all typical conventions, limit searches by date, etc.
I can remember as a young man (jr in high school) gaining stuck with a dried zippo the end in a field. Ns took a item of wire and hooked it through the wind guard and dropped the totality thing down into the gas tank that the tractor. That worked yet smoked some. Naptha is what the zippo fuel is and also yes you can purchase a gallon for not much much more than 2 or 3 the the branded fuel containers.

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