Standards and Learning Targets because that the an initial six weeks!

7.E.1: Understand exactly how the cycle of matter (water and gases) in and also out of the environment relates come Earth’s atmosphere, weather and also climate and also the effects of the environment on humans.

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7.E.1.1: compare the composition, properties and structure the Earth’s setting to include mixtures that gases and also differences in temperature and pressure within layers.

I can explain the features of a region’s climate.I can describe the ingredient of air to encompass mixture the gases, particles, and water vapor.I have the right to recognize the framework of Earth's setting is layered.I can explain why atmospheric pressure alters with alters in altitude.I have the right to identify the properties of wait to encompass mass, volume, density, pressure and also temperature.I can associate weather conditions with atmospheric push systems.

7.E.1.2: define how the to ride bicycle of water in and out that the atmosphere and atmospheric conditions relate come the weather patterns on earth.

I deserve to recall the water is current in Earth's atmosphere.I can define the 5 processes of the water cycle and the sun's central role as an energy source.I deserve to recognize that water beginning Earth's atmosphere through the procedures of evaporation and transpiration end continents and oceans.I can explain how clouds type through the procedure of condensation.I can explain why water returns to Earth's surface ar as precipitation so that it can proceed to move through the cycle.I can define how the atmospheric conditions of temperature, pressure, and air movement influence the lot of moisture in the air which in turn influences weather patterns.I can define the attributes that define weather.I can explain the species of monitorings that meteorologist make to predict weather.

7.E.1.3: define the relationship in between the motion of air masses, high and low press systems, and frontal boundaries to storms (including thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes) and also other weather conditions that may result.

I have the right to identify wait mass as a huge body of air that has uniform temperature, humidity, and also air press at any type of given height.I deserve to identify waiting masses as naval tropical, marine polar, continent tropical, and also continental polar.I can recognize that the wait pressure linked with each form of wait mass is different.I can recognize the air masses collide to type four types of frontal boundaries.I have the right to identify frontal limits as cold, warm, stationary, and also occluded.I deserve to recognize the the weather we suffer is influenced by the different species of frontal boundaries.I have the right to recognize the surface features may distort frontal boundaries causing high and low press systems.I can specify the features of waiting masses, frontal boundaries, high/low push systems, and also surface features that influence the formation of weather problems such together tornadoes, hurricanes, and also thunderstorms.

7.E.1.4: predict weather conditions and patterns based upon information obtained from:

Weather data accumulated from direct observations and measurement (wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity and air pressure).Weather maps, satellites and radar. Cloud forms and varieties and connected elevationI can recognize that meteorologists estimate the weather through collecting data and making simple, direct observations or with using clinical instruments.I can specify the atmospheric conditions and also features the meteorologist observe and monitor in making their predictions (wind speed and also direction, wait temperature, humidity, wait pressure, cloud formation).I deserve to recognize how different atmospheric conditions and features room measured (wind speed and also direction, waiting temperature, humidity, wait pressure, and also cloud formation).I can define how different varieties of an innovation (weather balloons, maps, satellites, weather stations, and computers) room to aid in forecasting weather.I have the right to assess weather connected observation and also data to recognize weather conditions and patterns.I have the right to distinguish between different cloud varieties and the weather typically associated with them.I can define how a cloud forms.

7.E.1.5: Explain the influence of convection, global winds and also the jet stream on weather andclimatic conditions.

I can explain convection together the activity of warmth through a fluid.I can define how the upward movement of warm air and the downward activity of cool air kind convection currents the move warm throughout the troposphere resulting in changes in temperature.I can explain how regional winds and worldwide winds are developed by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface.I can explain how worldwide winds punch steadily from details directions over long distances and also occur over a large area, for this reason causing details areas come maintain certain climates.I can define how the weather and also climate that a particular an ar are influenced by the geographical origins of global winds.I can define how global winds often tend to move atmospheric problems in the direction in which lock flow.I can define how jet streams not just steer storms, yet also help determine the locations of areas of high and low air push will it is in located.I can describe the important role that s currents play in the transport of heat energy.I deserve to summarize the various impacts convection, global winds, and also jet streams have actually on weather and climatic conditions.

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7.E.1.6: Conclude the the good health of humans requires: monitoring the atmosphere, maintaining air quality and stewardship.

I can specify air quality.I can define air pollutants.I have the right to determine components that influence air quality.I can identify natural and also man-made pollutants and their sources.I can define how pollutants impact air quality.I can recognize differences between indoor and outdoor air quality.I have the right to list 3 tools that researchers use to measure air quality.I can comment on positive and an unfavorable effects of air quality on human health.I deserve to predict the impacts of irreversible exposure to pollutants on human being health.I can explain stewardship methods that an outcome in better air quality.I deserve to assess how current practices in security the atmosphere and maintaining waiting quality have the right to influence the health of humans.