Suzuki Forenza owners have actually reported 52problems concerned air bag light on (under the air bag category).The many recently reported issues are noted below.Also please check out thestatistics and reliability evaluation of Suzuki Forenza based upon all troubles reported for the Forenza.

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The contact owns a 2005 Suzuki Forenza. The passenger next air bag indicator stayed illuminated. The auto was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was educated of the failure. The failure mileage was no provided. Watch all problems of the 2005 Suzuki Forenza🔎.

About every 3 to 4 month the airbag irradiate goes off. This has been walk on because that over 4 years. The wiring under the passenger seat has to be redone and the airbag light reset. Is a safety danger as at this point who to know if the airbag would certainly deploy in an accident. View all problems of the 2008 Suzuki Forenza🔎.

The car has experienced from an intermittent airbag light for the previous 10k miles but at 110k miles the light has actually come on and also will no go off. I have actually attempted some of the Suzuki owners references of disconnecting and also then reconnecting the connectors under the seats to no avail. This shows up to it is in a very common problem with the Forenza"s and also certainly a safety and security one.

While driving the wait bag light was flashing and also then it remain on its been on currently for three days now.

Was traveling at a rate approximately 35 miles per hour auto in native of me prevent abruptly. I hit them. Driver side fender, hood, bumper every smashed. In area wherein airbag sensor is, the should have deployed. Vehicle has been totaled. We too had concern with the flashing passenger airbag light took it to dealer they can not fix said it to be temperamental on exactly how you sit is seat.

Air bag light remains on since 07-2014 approx. 55,000 mile on auto at that time. Dealer states that over there is no a recall and also Suzuki will not covering under warrenty, but they will be happy to take it my money. There is a organization bulletin # ts050115b. That is a safety worry that a lot of human being are having.

The call owns a 2007 Suzuki Forenza. The call stated that while reversing out of a residential drive means at around 5 mph, the passengers next air bag irradiate illuminated ~ above the instrument panel. The call mentioned that although the seat was populated the waiting bag light stayed on. The manufacturer was made conscious of the failure. The car was required to an elevation mechanic, that diagnosed the the passenger chair air bag light sensor required to it is in replaced. The automobile was not repaired. The failure mileage to be 76,000 and the existing mileage to be 77,000. See all difficulties of the 2007 Suzuki Forenza🔎.

The contact owns a 2007 Suzuki Forenza. While driving 40 mph, the call noticed that the wait bag indicator to be off when a passenger was occupying the seat. The call was unable to discover a dealer to repair the vehicle because all the Suzuki certified dealer in the area were no much longer in business. The manufacturer was no notified. The fail mileage was 76,579.

I have owned this car since 2007. The airbag irradiate on the dash keeps transforming on. Every time ns take it to the dealer he said that there is no difficulties with the airbags and that the scanner is not picking increase the code. He resets the system and the irradiate goes off and also every fee months I need to take it ago to do the reset and im paying $55 for each reset at least 3-4 time a year since I obtained this car. Additionally the dealer told me the o need to dk this resets since everytime the light transforms on it means that the airbags room disabled l and it is a security issue. So ns take it routinely every few months to reset it. This has to be a recall through Suzuki due to the fact that it is a problem.

The call owns a 2008 Suzuki Forenza. The contact stated that while beginning the ignition, the air bag warning indicator illuminated repeatedly until the engine to be turned off. The failure recurred at any time the automobile was in operation. The automobile was no diagnosed or repaired. There to be a recall linked with NHTSA project id number 13v405000 (air bags) that concerned model year 2006-2011 and also sx4 vehicles. The manufacturer was educated of the defect. The approximate failure mileage was 60,000.

Slips the end of gear while driving, auto stalls and cuts off during driving, just cranks up in neutral,air bag light continues to be on, inspect engine light walk off after a repair then lights back up. That frustrating to have to call road side help for a battery charge frequently when battery loses charge for no obvious reason.

I purchased this vehicle used native carmax in October. Since then the has been in the shop 3 times because that airbag lights. The airbag light has actually now been on because that 2 months and also I have not had time do acquire it fixed. The airbag light has actually been on since I purchased it, the seatbelt light likewise comes top top frequently. This comes to me due to the fact that the cars security is for this reason poor- with airbag device being deactivated and also seatbelts being out of whack, this automobile is a fatality trap! I visited carmax to check out if they could help me and also the manager wouldn"t also take my name.

I bought a used 2006 Forenza sedan and also a couple of days later, the transmission variety sensor go out. I simply researched and also there are number of complaints around this issue. Also, the airbag light turned on. Suzuki have to own up to this problem and fix it. Also the 02 sensor went and also needs replacement. What is walking on.

Air bag irradiate on since bought auto in 2006. Wiring for airbags has been replaced as soon as still an worry at owner expense. Outlet and also lighter prevent working year after vehicle was bought. Headlight wiring change twice and day lights still just comes on some times.

The airbag light seems to it is in on it simply turned on there is no a reason, an interpretation that when I have a passenger they space not for sure in the car because the air bag wont deploy in case of a auto accident, yesterday Sunday march ,26 I saw the grocery store and when ns came ago I put the car in reverse and also it slammed yes, really hard, the change display had a light through it, and I had actually heard about people having the very same problem, now this difficulty has been reported because that the previous 5 years because the car was for sale, transmission selection sensor, so ideal after the grocery save took the in come the mechanic for a 373,00 fix , currently paying its no a matter yet this vehicle is not also at half of that is life and also this problem its absurd, no airbag, transmission moving crazy jeopardizing passenger in the vehicle. Please help, please do Suzuki salary for their mistake in ~ the manufacturing/ assembly and also faulty assets if your cars room not for sure they have to not be offered at every or they should be liable for your faulty automobile parts . . Aid help help!!!! please.

I purchase this automobile used at 98000 mile in 2011 and since then ns have had airbag light staying on every 4-6months or therefore ( the journey side). . . Climate I would take it in come the dealership and they would change the censor, etc and also reset it. Am yes, really frustrated v this, there must be a faulty sensor/part of the airbag with 2006 Suzuki florenza airbag.

The call owns a 2005 Suzuki Forenza. The call stated the the waiting bag light constantly illuminated ~ above the tool panel. The automobile was taken to an authorized dealer and also the call was educated that the wiring harness failed and needed to be replaced. The call felt the this was a manufacturer’s defect. The fail mileage to be 70,000 and also the existing mileage to be 78,000.

Air bag light come on in car. Had actually to require to dealer come reset. Wiring exploit under the seat to be faulty.

2006 Suzuki Forenza wagon concerns so far: 63k - check engine light come on and also a line through the d top top the instrument panel showed up, i beg your pardon acts prefer the car is in neutral. Once trying to advice the automobile has no power. If you traction over, turn the automobile off and also restart it then the vehicle is ago to normal. It has actually done this 4 times currently in the previous 2 weeks. 60k - a couple of months back the home window washer pump walk out and I had to replace it. Ns did that myself and also it still cost me $85. Front seatbelt acts prefer it latches yet then comes earlier out (this problem was recalled). 40k - the air bag irradiate is also lit increase on the car.

Air bag light proceeds to be illuminated top top dash panel. Took to dealer come fix. Light was out for around two days then reappeared. This is a well-known problem and Suzuki refuses to deal with issue. Auto is the end of warranty however is a safety issue.

2006 Suzuki Forenza airbag light came on 6/2010. Expense $700 to repair driver"s side airbag. 11/2010 light came earlier on, now dealer desires $1000 to repair passenger next airbag. If you walk online, there are numerous complaints for the very same problem. This vehicle should it is in recalled and airbags repaired cost-free of charge.

Driver"s airbag was solved 2 or 3 times under warranty, and fixed one more time ~ warranty expired. The airbag light is on when again.

Tl- the call owns a 2005 Suzuki Forenza. The call stated the the waiting bag irradiate illuminated ~ above the tool panel. The automobile was required to dealer for inspection and also they proclaimed that there to be an link error. The car was repaired however the failure recurred. The automobile was taken ago to the dealer yet they proclaimed that they could not determine the cause of failure. The manufacturer was no notified. The failure mileage to be 33,000. Ap.

Suzuki Forenza 2007, 42,000 miles. 1) transmission selection sensor:transmission slips when in drive -- panel mirrors a "d" with a slash through it. After researching, have discovered this to be incredibly common amongst the many well-maintained Forenzas. Unacceptable. Engine light came on and also as quickly as ns tried to walk forward ,the automobile would simply decelerate down favor 10 or 20 mph "scary" in ~ a matter of seconds and no matter exactly how much I driven the pedal to accelerate to the floor however it was together if i didn"t have actually power. 2)tire pressure light come on every various other day. 3)the former passenger air bag light comes on to display the wait bag is no working even if I have actually a passenger seated properly in the prior seat.

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The front passenger waiting bag light comes on to display the wait bag is not working also if I have a passenger seated properly in the front seat. The does not execute this all the time yet it happens sufficient to worry me and my wife. I had the same difficulty with a 2006 version year of the very same car. We had actually other problems with that vehicle as well and also the dealer took it back and offered us the 2007 which has actually some of the same problems. This has actually been happening on and off due to the fact that we gained the automobile in march of 2007.