Failure that the rubber shifter sheet (bushing) is a common problem with Samurai’s. Some owners have found good deals top top Samurai’s because the previous owner couldn’t get the shifter come work. Brand-new shifter sheets deserve to be discovered in one of two people poly or brass. 


Replacing the shifter sheet (bushing) isn’t difficult. The repair have the right to be excellent by accessing the height of the shifter tower through the shifter boot hole from inside the vehicle. 


1) Disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable for safety.

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2) situate the deliver case change lever inside the passenger compartment. If equipped, eliminate the console cover.

3) remove the gear transition boot mounting bolts and also slide the top shifter boots upwards top top the change lever away from the center floor tunnel.

WARNING: when working with the change boots, be cautious not come force and tear them. The enlarge the boots is, the an ext easily it have the right to be damaged.

4) inspect the lower shifter boots for a retaining clamp, and also if equipped, release the boots clamp. On slide the reduced boot, upward towards the transition knob in stimulate to disclose the change lever guide.


NOTE: relying on the quantity of clearance the is accessible through the hole in the floor, it might be simpler to accessibility the reduced boot and clamp from under the vehicle. If so, raise and also support the automobile safely utilizing jackstands.

5) push downward ~ above the change lever guide (the round housing which the bar passes through on the means into the optimal of the carry case) and also turn the guide counterclockwise to relax it. There are two slots in the height of the cap. If necessary, usage a pair of flat head screwdrivers and also twist it counterclockwise while pushing down. The will rotate a quarter turn and also then the whole shifter lever deserve to be removed. V the guide released, pull increase to remove it and the transition control bar from the carry case.

6) v the lever out of the way, you deserve to see the shifter sheet down inside the housing. You deserve to tell if your shifter paper is original if you view a eco-friendly version crumbling in pieces.

7) remove the shifter paper by merely fishing the out with your finger. There are a pair that pins inside the housing that keeps the change lever straight. The functional shifter paper will simply slide out around them.


(You don’t require this device to eliminate the shifter sheet. You have the right to just fish it out with your finger)


(The shifter sheet the end of the housing)

8) install the brand-new shifter sheet.


1) Clean and also inspect the wear surface at the bottom the the change lever. Use a thin coat the lithium grease come the shifter ball friction surfaces at the bottom the the handle (between the shift lever and lever seat, and between the lever and also lever case).

2) Insert the transition lever right into position, then push downward ~ above the guide while turning it clockwise to lock the assembly into the peak of the move case.

3) apply a slim coat that lithium grease come the reduced boot top top the surface which seals through the deliver case. Then slide the boot down the change handle right into position. If equipped, for sure the boot retaining clamp. If the clamp was lacking or damaged you should replace it through a similar kind of band clamp (but in a pinch, a wire tie have to be sufficient).

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4) slide the top boot down the shift lever and also into position. Certain the boot to the floor facility tunnel making use of the retaining bolts.