Historically, the roll Stones have never essential much assist selling your music. However this month the group witnessed a significant bump in digital single sales because that a pair that songs, thanks to the release of the latest installment in the popular "Call of Duty" videogame franchise.

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"Call the Duty: black Ops" to be released Nov. 9. But much more than a main earlier, on Oct. 31, Santa Monica, Calif.-based publisher Activision released an ad for TV and the internet featuring a montage the the game"s cinematic cut scenes through the Stones" "Gimme Shelter" together the soundtrack. The advertisement appeared during several prime-time TV shows and on several game enthusiast websites, garnering more than 3 million views on YouTube alone.

The game itself set a new record for opening-day videogame sales, through 5.6 million copies and $360 million in sales (including every pre-orders), according to Activision. To shed some view on how renowned the "Call the Duty" franchise is, the previous record for single-day sales to be the last rate of the same video game -- "Call that Duty: modern-day Warfare" -- which last year marketed 4.7 million copies and rang increase $310 million in opening-day sales.

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On the stamin of the exposure detailed by the brand-new "Call that Duty" ad, track sales because that "Gimme Shelter" jumped indigenous slightly much more than 2,000 copies the week of Oct. 31 come 5,000-plus for the complying with week, then doubled to practically 11,000 because that the week finishing Nov. 14, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

according to activision VP that music affairs Tim Riley, scoring "Gimme Shelter" because that the advertisement was no tiny feat. New York-based ABKCO Music & records holds the rights to the track and, as is typical with synch license negotiations, wanted to view very early edit of the advertisement before approving permission. For this reason Activision flew to new York to display the clip top top a certain laptop fairly than risk sending it digitally lest it end up being discovered by the rabid video game press. What"s more, for the very first time in work history, it permitted another company to do edits to the ad itself in bespeak to obtain approval indigenous the band members as well.

"It"s such a big deal, together a severe song and such a large band . . . We had to fly the end for it," Riley says. "They absolutely say "no" more than they speak "yes." It"s the roll Stones. It"s not choose they require the money."

It"s not the group"s just involvement in the game. "Sympathy for the Devil" was licensed as background music for a scene inside the game as well, which helped dual that song"s weekly sales to nearly 5,000 because that the week of Nov. 14.

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and also it won"t it is in the last, either. Riley notes one more element is coming. But he wouldn"t disclose whether it"s a tune licensed for new game content, another ad or some various other use.