61) The _____ that alters are made in the systems development life cycle, the _____ high-quality these transforms become. a) sooner, lessb) later, lessc) much more frequently, mored) an ext extensively, moree) sooner, more62) _____ feasibility identify if the project is an acceptable financial risk and also if the organization have the right to afford the expense and also time essential to complete the project.a) Technicalb) Economicc) Organizationald) Behaviorale) Time63) _____ feasibility addresses the human concerns of an details systems project.a) Technicalb) Economicc) Organizationald) Behaviorale) Time64) _____ feasibility involves a firm’s policies and politics, power structures, and business relationships.a) Technicalb) Economicc) Organizationald) Behaviorale) Time65) which of the following is not a component of solution analysis?a) specifying the business problemb) identifying the causes of, and solutions to, the organization problemc) identifying the info requirements the the solution should satisfyd) identifying the technical specifications that the solutione) collection information around the existing system66) In the timeless systems advance life cycle, users:a) room important and also ongoing members of the advancement team throughout the life of the project.b) Are necessary only in the trial and error phases that the project.c) have actually no input.d) Are vital only in the maintenance phase the the project.e) administer information requirements.Answer: e67) The deliverable the the systems style stage is:a) User requirements.b) Technical device specifications.c) The prototype.d) The resource code.e) A functioning application.Answer: b68) Systems architecture answers the question, _____. A) how will the information system settle the service problem?b) exactly how much will the information system cost?c) What is the problem the information system have to address?d) who will benefit from use of the info system gift developed?e) What is the efficient operational life of the system?Answer: a69) once users ask for added functionality during a systems advancement project, this is dubbed ______________.a) User-defined software.b) limit creep.c) Bloatware.d) one out-of-control project.e) A runaway project.70) i m sorry of the following statements around scope creep is true?a) scope creep is reasonably cheap, regardless of when it occurs in a project.b) since scope creep is fairly cheap, successful project managers enable it.c) due to the fact that scope creep is expensive, effective project managers will not allow it.d) because scope creep is expensive, successful project managers limit it.e) limit creep method that user demands are being efficiently taken treatment of.