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Calculator Use

This velocity calculator uses the equation the the last velocity of an object is equal to its early stage velocity included to that acceleration multiply by time the travel. This calculator does assume constant acceleration during the time traveled. This calculator deserve to be provided to uncover initial velocity, final velocity, acceleration, or time as lengthy as three of the variables are known.

Velocity Equation in these calculations:

Final velocity (v) of an item equals early velocity (u) of that object add to acceleration (a) that the object time the elapsed time (t) native u come v.

\(v = u + in ~ \)

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Where: u = early stage velocity v = last velocity a = acceleration t = time Use traditional gravity, a = 9.80665 m/s2, because that equations entailing the Earth"s gravitational pressure as the acceleration price of one object.

Formula for velocity as a duty of early velocity, acceleration and time

v = u + at u = early stage velocity v = final velocity a = acceleration t = time

Example: discover time (t) given last velocity (v), initial velocity (u) and also acceleration (a)

A automobile approaching a institution zone slows under from 27 m/s come 9 m/s with consistent acceleration -2 m/s2.

How much time is forced to sluggish down to last velocity?

Answer: We understand initial velocity (u = 27), velocity (v = 9) and acceleration (a = -2)

We an initial need to solve the velocity equation for time (t):

v = u + at v - u = in ~ (v - u)/a = t

Plugging in the known values us get, t = (v - u)/a t = (9 m/s - 27 m/s) / -2 m/s2 t = -18 m/s / -2 m/s2 t = 9 s

Velocity calculations fixed for various variables and also used in this calculator:

Solving for the various variables we deserve to use the complying with formulas:

offered u, a and also t calculate v given initial velocity, acceleration and time calculation the velocity. v = u + in ~ given v, a and t calculation u offered velocity, acceleration and time calculation the early stage velocity. u = v - at given v, u and t calculation a provided velocity, initial velocity and time calculate the acceleration. a = (v - u)/t offered v, u and also a calculation t provided velocity, early velocity and acceleration calculate the time. t = (v - u)/a