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Good grief, it has actually been practically 2 years because I last submitted anything to centregalilee.com! So that was about time ns finished something because that the Portal.

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This sequel to the original Tails" Nightmare game, which (in mine opinion) consists of many improvements. Wall surface jumping and also rail grinding room two new features I"ve added, and the gameplay chin is much smoother 보다 the last. I also added enemies (which ns for some reason didn"t bother adding in the initial game) and also a range of an obstacle setting options.

With all that being said, ns hope everyone deserve to enjoy the game!


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if girlfriend remember this video game you room a god


a great step increase from the very first one. Has difficulties, cheats, a gibberish boss fight. Ns remember playing this year ago, and also will continue to perform so.

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this is a great flash game! it controls an excellent and its pretty difficult! hell if the too hard for u, u can edit the difficulty any means u like which is a big bonus! also tails doll appears to be in reality menacing and scary! an excellent job!


infancia car extraño cuanta nostalgia =,>



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