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Judy Blume"s 1972 novel Tales of a 4th Grade Nothingis a wonderful publication that has actually really stood the test of time. 

Many personalities are presented in this novel but not every one of them are major. Some just serve to move the plot forward. The significant characters in...

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Judy Blume"s 1972 novel Tales of a fourth Grade Nothing is a wonderful book that has really was standing the check of time. 

Many characters are presented in this novel yet not all of them room major. Some just serve to relocate the plot forward. The major characters in the novel are as follows: 

Peter Warren Hatcher is the narrator that the story and also the protagonist. The antagonist is his younger brother, Farley Drexel Hatcher. 

My biggest trouble is mine brother, Farley Drexel Hatcher. He"s two and-a-half year old. Everyone calls him Fudge. Ns feel sorry for him if he"s walking to grow up through a name favor Fudge, yet I don"t to speak a word. It"s none of my business. Fudge is always in mine way. The messes up whatever he sees. And also when he it s okay mad that throws himself flat on the floor and he screams. And he kicks. And he bangs his fists. The just time ns really like him is as soon as he"s sleeping.

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Mr. And Mrs. Hatcher, Peter"s parents, are also major characters. They communicate with Peter differently over the major problem the Fudge. Peter"s mom frequently holds Peter responsible for what Fudge does. She likewise tries come motivate the strong-willed Fudge by making use of Peter together a duty model because that him, as she go in the adhering to quote:

But my mommy said, "I have actually an idea." She motioned for me and Mr. Berman come come closer. I had actually the feeling I wasn"t walking to like her idea. Yet I listened anyway. "I think we"ll need to play a little joke on Fudge," she said. "What do you mean?" i asked. "Well. . . Mean Mr. Berman brings out a pair of saddle pair of shoes in your dimension and. . . ." "Oh no!" ns said. "You"re no going to get me to wear saddle shoes. Never!"

Peter"s father is much more detached and also tries come be much more stern through Fudge. However, that is not sympathetic to Peter"s impossible situation, namely, that Fudge is a major problem in his life, and no one will aid him with this problem. 

Jimmy Fargo is Peter"s best friend, but, aside from a couple of episodes, the is not in the novel much. He yes, really serves to drive the plot forward, yet he is not a major character. This is likewise true because that the Yarbys, Grandma, and also Sheila. 

The biggest problem of the novel comes when Dribble, the tortoise Peter wins at Jimmy"s date of birth party, is consumed by Fudge. All the problem goes to Fudge"s well-being. His parents space panicked and take him to the hospital. The doctors prescribe medicines that will move the turtle with the cradle tract. A doctor notifies Peter the will need to get another turtle. No one expresses issue for Peter"s feelings about losing his beloved tortoise to his brother"s crazy behavior.

The main personalities in Judy Blume’s, Tales that a 4th Grade Nothing, include:

Peter Warren Hatcher is the fourth grader who narrates the story. That is the larger of the two boys in the Hatcher family. Peter feeling ignored through his family since his small brother Fudge manages to contact attention to himself with his antics, including destroying Peter’s homework. Fudge manages to get away v his tricks under the guise of being the baby till he takes, Dribble, Peter’s pets turtle.Farley Drexel Hatcher, likewise known as Fudge, is Peter’s baby brother, who presents a number of problems because that Peter, and the family. His tantrums and also two-year old habits give the household plenty to transaction with.Mr. Warren Hatcher is Peter and also Fudge’s father. His personality is exposed in his dealings with Fudge. As soon as Fudge refuses come eat his supper, Mr. Warren tells him, “To eat the or undertake it.” that proceeds take it Fudge into the bathroom whereby he pours the key of food over Fudge’s head. This is one antic Fudge repeats through himself once the family is in a restaurant.Mrs. Hatcher is the wife of Warren, and also the mother of Peter and Fudge. She frequently implores Peter to assist her with Fudge once her dinner and also birthday party plans walk awry.Jimmy Fargo is Peter’s ideal friend and also classmate. That lives alone with his father as his parents room divorced.Sheila Tubman is Peter’s classmate, and lives in his apartment building. Sheila is another thorn in Peter’s side. One of her past times is come tell everyone the Peter has cooties.