Isn’t the a shame that most civilization don’t understand how come say thank you in Hebrew? Though many of lock know how to say that in so countless different languages!

Anyway, we will simply leave all those languages behind and concentrate on just how to say say thanks to you in Hebrew, ours beloved language.

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Thank girlfriend in Hebrew is “todah”. Created this method in Hebrew letters:


To listen to the together of the word, click the play button right under it.

If you likewise want come know how to say “thank you an extremely much” in Hebrew, here is the phrase:

תּוֹדָה רַבָּהthank-you-in-very-much-in-hebrew.mp3

It is pronounced prefer “todah rabah”, I have actually recorded it as usual because that you. Click the play button listed below the word come hear the Hebrew pronunciation of it.

People additionally asked me to write around how to say give thanks to you in Hebrew come both males and females, I will write that in details, however, be certain that “todah rabah” deserve to do the job really well there is no additions.

However, let’s rest it under with an ext details if friend want:

Thank girlfriend in Hebrew come a male:

תּוֹדָה לךָthank-you-in-hebrew-to-a-male.mp3

pronounced “todah lecha”. I have actually recorded it for you, click the play switch to listen the Hebrew pronunciation.

Thank you in Hebrew come a female:

תּוֹדָה לךthank-you-in-hebrew-to-a-female.mp3

pronounced “todah lech”. The Hebrew together is there if you click on the play button.

Note that

1: when I say the “male” version or “female” variation I am NOT referring to the speaker, but rather to the recipient. So whether you room a man or a woman, it doesn’t issue when you room the one saying “thank you” in Hebrew. What problem is who you are talking to.

2: The difference in between the male and female versions is the last vowel. You will learn more about the if you one of two people enroll in my cost-free conversational Hebrew food or monitor the website because that future Hebrew grammatical notes.

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3: You have to feel cost-free to say “todah rabah” there is no “lech” or “lecha”.

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