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Colin "Scummy" Morrison competes in Moto X action Up in ~ X games 2001 in Philadelphia.

Sporting symbols of anarchy signs, middle finger gestures and also Mohawk silhouettes, Colin Morrison was on a long train ride on painkillers, booze and also marijuana. That pilgrimage eventually ended up being a train wreck for the rider well-known for parts in "The Adventures the Twitch and Scummy" DVD and a function in the 2012 dramatic film "Bro"."

Starting the end in freestyle motocross ago in the previously days expected that nights were fueled with drugs and also alcohol and the absent "n" roll lifestyle. Because that some, though, the party ran out of gas as shortly as lock got earlier on the aircraft ride home. However for others that party lasted for years and took a bigger toll.

Not one come sugar-coat anything "Scummy" Morrison says, "I was pretty much high for a lengthy time, I fell into the rut the addiction."


Courtesy that Colin Morrison

"It"s the best thing in my life," Colin Morrison says of his recovery because drug rehab. "I finally get to reap my life now."

After part time in rehab, Morrison has due to the fact that been functioning on clean up his life and also is coming up ~ above a year clean and sober. He has actually a clothing agency called Scummbag Clothing and enjoys handling organization with a clean state of mind.

Out in ~ the dirt Bike Kidz pro Am event late critical year us spoke v Morrison after discovering his booth and some that his Scummbag clothing products. In the dull honesty the a recovering addict, Morrison explains how that is placing his life earlier together.

centregalilee.com: long time no talk, buddy, how"s Colin Morrison doing?Morrison: Colin Morrison is actually doing far better than ever, man. I went into rehab to clean my totality life up and coming up on about a year due to the fact that I"ve to be there, clean and sober. It"s the greatest thing in my life; I finally get to gain my life now. I really turned points around.

Man, just enjoying every solitary day that life now, my life is fully different for all the ideal reasons. Doing better than ever.

What do you decide it to be time to get some help?Pretty much, you know when freestyle very first started the was all partying and also rock "n" roll, i was really one of the men that gained sucked into the lifestyle, didn"t yes, really care around the dispute from job 1.

You know, I gained into freestyle to show off basically. Ns was never ever really into the dispute scene, I just liked doing the large jumps. And also when the backflip come out, i knew i was overdoing it. And just seeing anyone else doing it, I saw the totality sport change. And everyone knows exactly how gnarly the sport has gotten.

Bottom line, over there wasn"t sufficient money to it is in made and that"s once I dropped down a negative path when everyone else was excelling. Dude, i was just struggling, girlfriend know. When you gain hurt you gain into pains pills and also pretty much whatever from there simply . Ns was pretty much high for a lengthy time, falling right into the rut the addiction. Ns feel favor I wasted my career, I had actually talent yet I was simply to into the way of life of partying, girlfriend know. Yet everything is great now.

Can you explain what yes, really physical retract symptoms are like from ache killers?Yeah, because that me and others in the same case coming indigenous a pill withdraw, it renders braking skeleton look choose weak sauce. No joke. It starts out little but escalates much faster than friend think. You literally require them simply to function. And when friend don"t acquire them her body literally shuts down.

You gain cold sweats, begin throwing up, diarrhea, her bones start locking up, human body aches, can"t eat, can"t sleep, quite much simply feels like simply dying is the only good option at part point. It"s different for all people yet if girlfriend went as big as me this describes it to the "T" and also then some.

It"s every a vicious cycle v no great outcomes in ~ all. I swear being 100 percent sober has actually been the finest gift I can have ever before asked for and I setup on keeping it this way and to give earlier to rather that space struggling and also give lock hope the there is a way out.


"Scummy" Morrison isn"t talk FMX anymore, yet he"s still part of the industry with Scummbag apparel that renders T-shirts and hoodies.

Back in the job you had actually to party to perform well in a contest. I remember if you didn"t continue to be up every night through everyone, and specifically the judges, you absolutely would no be score well. Pretty crazy that"s exactly how thing were in the beginning.
Yeah, ago then, you know what, i don"t even care, that"s the freestyle I"m proud of, that"s what got me into this sports not since it"s therefore corporate. I look at freestyle now and I provide it up to everyone yet everyone was actually friends back then and everyone in reality rode to have actually fun.

When i think about it back then, that"s what freestyle is about for me. And also the new s--- wasn"t me, man, ns like keeping it punk rock and having fun, whatever. I don"t take ago anything I"ve ever before done.

So you"re pumped currently on your new outlook on life?Yeah, it"s type of funny, as soon as I to be on this path of destruction I always had this idea because that Scummbag Clothing yet I was never in the appropriate state of psychic to operation a business. And also what do you know, I gain out the rehab and also I acquired my very own clothing company and it"s in reality doing good.

It"s perfect for me because I"m type of end the riding appropriate now. Ns ride because that fun but nothing to do it for a living. So now I"m law Scummbag Clothing, still component of the industry and also it"s going really good for me right now.

How did you come up through the nickname Scummy?Ahh, man, that"s a challenging one, ago in the day ns think on Warpt Tour through Twitch , Beau Manley, ns think we were doing scumbag sort of s--- and also so that stuck. "Twitch & Scummy" . Pretty lot it was just punk rock ago then and also we were going because that it. Therefore for reasons you deserve to probably figure out the name claims it all what we were doing .

Any to plan to execute some talk this winter?Colin: Yeah, I desire to walk out and also film because that sure. Steel Mulisha still has my back and I"d choose to go out in the hills and film v them because that sure. And also if a long distance jump comes right into the picture, I want to do that together well. Ns love long-distance s---, that don"t fear me. Ns love going large fifth gear.

Nice! Well, currently that you have a new outlook on life, acquire to wake up up every day clear headed, what"s the life prefer for Colin Morrison now?The greatest thing right now is knowing that I acquired through my career without gaining seriously hurt. Friend know, i think i did 13 year of speak freestyle and also to see great friends the mine like Chris Ackerman and also these other men who are seriously hurt, you know throughout the year I"ve seen so lot gnarly stuff. My head is pretty jacked up seeing my boys die and also get serious hurt that now I simply enjoy life.

Unless you"ve been in my shoes and have remained in this market for a if you have actually no idea what it"s like. Bottom line, this sports is gnarly and also you can"t take it because that granted. It provides me sick exactly how every single person is law backflips and also they"re not sharing because you don"t view anyone sharing when they do gain hurt and also what they walk through.

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Colin Morrison admits the was not in the ideal mental state because that his duty in "Bro"."

So you have a new start, your head is clean, you have your clothing agency and you gain walks in the park. I"d to speak life is spring bright for you!
Yeah, man, enjoy it walks in the park, life is good. I"m i stopped on everyone still supporting me, obviously metal Mulisha, my brand-new clothing firm Scummbag which you can go come scummbag.com.

I really want to say thanks to my fans and all the people in the freestyle community, i beg your pardon I"m sure I p----- turn off a the majority of people however I"m yes, really thankful because that everyone, everything.

The movie "Bro" was simply released to DVD, how pumped space you to watch it in ~ a Red box or in iTunes?Yeah, the movie ns filmed, "Bro"," simply came out on DVD nationwide, and I"m pretty excited around it. I"m simply p----- cause when i was filming that I was in a deep pill addiction and also don"t think ns did as good as I can have, however other than that I"m excited its finally out.

For a movie that just took 20 days come film with a really low budget to make it with, it"s a an excellent movie. And also remember come everyone the may acquire offended by just how it portrays dust bikes and also partying: It"s simply a movie so prevent crying around it!