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1. The narrator begins the novel by advertising that \"the Herdmans to be absolutely the\" what \"kids in the background of the world\" (1)?


2. What kind of building is the only one the Herdmans had controlled to burn every the method to the ground?

A toolhouse.

3. To who did the burned building belong prior to the Herdmans melted it down?

Mr. Shoemaker.

4. What go the sign in the Herdmans' garden say?

Beware of the Cat.

5. How many kids are in the Herdman family?


6. The narrator is in the same grade together which that the Herdman siblings?


7. What rule is enacted during Show-and-Tell after ~ Claude Herdman's participation?

No one can carry living things to Show-and-Tell.

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