The an excellent Waldo SearchSystem(s): Sega Mega DrivePublisher: T-HQ SoftwareDeveloper: Radiance SoftwareSound driver: GEMSGenre: Puzzle

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The good Waldo Search is a 1992 search game based upon the 1989 publication of the exact same name by british illustrator young name Hanford. The video game was created by American-based developer Radiance Software and published by THQ because that the Nintendo entertain System, supervisor NES and also Mega Drive.


The player is tasked through finding Waldo, a man with a red-and-white strip shirt and also cap, along with a scroll because that the sorcerer’s Whitebeard, in every of the game"s five levels. The levels themselves—The Battling Monks, The Carpet Flyers, The it is not kind Giants, The secret Hunters and The floor of Waldos—are each based on pages that artwork from The great Waldo search book. Players use the d-pad to relocate a magnifying glass throughout the screen, scrolling left and right. Holding down the

switch increases the scroll rate on the magnifying glass. To find an item, place the magnifying glass end the object and press
. If that is an object, the player will acquire the item; if not, a buzzer will sound and the level"s timer will certainly decrease. Pressing
pauses the game, through the level out of view.

In enhancement to Waldo (worth 1500 points) and Whitebeard"s scroll (worth 1000 points), over there are various other objects available for the player come find. Locating Woof, a dog wearing the exact same red-and-white pattern, as Waldo, opens up a minigame where the player paris on a carpet, collecting bones precious 100 points each. 150-point tiles offer the player an additional 150 points. Locating a clock boosts the time left ~ above the level. However, some clocks offer a clue because that the player to find an additional item (a guy with a red beard, a soldier v two spears, etc.) detect these ideas gives the player 750 points. Any extra time in ~ the end of the level earns added points.

The video game has two modes, normal and expert. In expert mode, objects are much more well-hidden, and clocks with ideas give one text clue rather of having actually the clue end audio clip. Completing all five levels ends the game.

Production credits

Programmed by: Richard YoungProduced by: Jeff Barry, Richard Goldsmith, Radiance SoftwareArtists: Wendy Salin, Maurice Morgan, Kevin KirkMusic: Doug BrandonTheme music: Jeff Barry

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