You and also your biologic lab class take a ar trip come a marine aquarium. Your guide is a marine biologist who research studies squids. She explains to your course how squids space able to blend into their environment. She points the end that squids have pouches that pigments embedded in your epithelium. The pouches room calledA. Spermatophores.B. Phytophores.C. Trochophores.D. Chromatophores.E. Lophophores.

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Which among the adhering to incorrectly matches a molluscan team with a feature characterizing that group? A. Gastropoda—torsion B. Nudibranchs—extensive gills in mantle cavityC. Bivalvia—reduced head and no radula D. Polyplacophora—eight calcareous key E. Cephalopoda—closed circulatory system
Examples the mollusks the live ~ above land space theA. EarthwormsB. Land crabs C. MusselsD. ScorpionsE. Snails and slugs
According to the modern-day classification scheme, which pet would it is in a spider"s closestly relative? A. A snail B. One earthworm C. A tapeworm D. A roundworm E. A squid
Inside its beak an octopus has a rasping tongue the is offered to tear personally food, i m sorry gastropod structure is this analogous to? A. Mantle B. Shell C. Radula D. Nephridium
The phylum that includes snails, clams, oysters, and octopuses is the:A. EctoproctaB. BrachiopodaC. MolluscaD. AnnelidaE. Phoronida
In mollusks, the folds of organization that arise native the dorsal body wall surface and enclose a cavity neighboring the visceral fixed are dubbed the A. FootB. MantleC. NephridiaD. RadulaE. Lophophore
Trochophores, the free-swimming larvae of countless mollusks, are moved through the water through A. Flagella B. Cilia C. Flame cell D. NephridiaE. The radula
The cephalopod mollusks have actually A. A muscular footB. TentaclesC. Two siphonsD. SetaeE. Jointed appendages
Which of the adhering to organs that cephalopods resemble those that the vertebrates?A. Eight B. Nephridia C. Eye D. Digestive tissues E. Foot
If a hiker picked up a mollusk on a follow in a rain forest, what class would the belong to?A. Gastropoda B. Polyplacophora C. Bivalvia D. Cephalopoda
Why doesn"t a tapeworm have a mouth ~ above its scolex? A. The mouth is ~ above the proglottids B. Endoparasites don"t require a mouth C. The mouth is situated at the end of the pharynx D. Tapeworms usage a radula rather of a mouth to feed
The nitrogenous garbage in mollusks is gotten rid of by A. Flame cells B. NephridiaC. Malpighian tubulesD. Incurrent siphon E. Flagella
All that the adhering to are either frameworks or features of members the the class Bivalvia of the Phylum Mollusca except A. The mantle B. A radulaC. A shellD. GillsE. Open up circulation
The rasping tongue, the radula, is present in i m sorry molluscan group? A. Bivalve B. Oyster C. Seashells D. Snail E. Scallops
Turbellarian flatworms have actually a distict head. When comparted to the head of an insect what is the missing? A. Sensory guts B. Irradiate sensitive structures C. Anterior repertoire of nerve cells D. A mouth
Paramecia use cilia because that locomotion and to conference organic matter. Just how are rotifers similar? A. Rotifers are solitary celled B. The corona is offered for feeding and also swimming C. Paramecia are animals closest family members D. Both room terrestrial organisms
A biologist has actually been researching a mollusk that does not have actually a shell. It lives in the maritime environment. The the instances given below, i beg your pardon one did the biologist study? A. Clam B. Snail C. Nautilus D. Chiton E. Octopus
Select the mismatched pair of Phylum Mollusca classes and also their examples. A. Polyplacophora—chitons B. Gastropoda—slugs C. Bivalvia—snails D. Cephalopoda—nautilus E. Gastropoda—nudibranchs
What change would result for a land snail that had a mutation interfering with chitin formation?A. It might not kind its exoskeleton.B. Molting would certainly not be possible.C. It would have an obstacle feeding.D. That would have actually a soft, demineralized shell.
A marine biologist visits her biology class and begins his speak entitled, "Life as a Trochophore." A girlfriend seated alongside you asks, "What is a trochophore?" You define that a trochophore isA. Another name because that the veliger stage in the oyster.B. Similar to a lophophore, however only found in the phylum Annelida.C. A term offered to describe a larval form of one of two people the phylum Mollusca or Annelida.D. An additional name because that the veliger phase in earthworm reproduction.E. A parasite in the intestines of a bivalve mollusk.
Inside its mine an octopus has a rasping tongue that is offered to tear apart food. I beg your pardon gastropod framework is this analogous to?A. NephridiumB. RadulaC. ShellD. Mantle
In their basic body plan, mollusks have actually a visceral mass covered with a soft epithelium and also a muscular ____ the is offered in locomotion.
Squids and octopuses relocate by means of water activity through theira. Radula.b. Amendment mantle cavity.c. Muscular foot.d. Cilia and also flagella.e. Tentacles.
Members of the class _______, which incorporate octopuses, squids, and also nautiluses, are highly intelligent.
Which among the complying with incorrectly matches a molluscan structure with its usual function?A. Radula—feeding organB. Ctenidia—secretion that the covering (when present)C. Visceral mass—houses guts of digestion, excretion, reproductionD. Foot—locomotionE. Nephrostome—collection of nitrogenous wastes
Radula change allowed all of the following features in gastropods exceptA. Eat vegetation.B. Scraping birds off rocks.C. Protecting themselves with nematocysts.D. Boring holes in various other mollusk shells.E. Injecting poison with a harpoon-like structure.
A snail in your garden and also an oyster are quite different in appearance. What would be evidence to justify grouping castle together?A. Both have actually sensory antenna.B. Both use a radula for feeding.C. Both have actually a mantle capable of secreting calcium carbonate.D. Both usage siphons to achieve oxygen.
Many marine mollusks have distinctive larvae which have actually their bodies encircled through a heat of cilia. This larvae are calledA. Trochophores.B. Miracidia.C. Planulae.D. Zoecia.E. Polyps.

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Interoctopus interaction is promoted byA. Chemical pheromones.B. Mantle connections.C. Chromatophores.D. A radula.
Paramecia usage cilia for locomotion and for gathering organic matter. Exactly how are rotifers similar?A. The corona is made of cilia, and used for swimming and feeding.B. Both lack a gut.C. Rotifers and also ciliates space thought come have offered rise to all other animal phyla.D. Rotifers are single-celled protists
Humans have straight development, a closeup of the door circulatory system, well-developed eyes, and huge brains. I beg your pardon mollusk likewise shares this features?A. NudibranchB. OctopusC. ChitonD. Slug