ANOVA is a statistical technique that assesses potential differences in a scale-level dependent variable by a nominal-level variable having 2 or much more categories. For example, one ANOVA can examine potential distinctions in IQ scores by nation (US vs. Canada vs. Italy vs. Spain). Developed by Ronald Fisher in 1918, this check extends the t and also thez check which have theproblem that only allowing the nominal level variable to have two categories. This check is additionally called the Fisher evaluation of variance.

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The usage of ANOVA depends on the research study design. Commonly, ANOVAs are used in 3 ways: one-way ANOVA, two-way ANOVA, and also N-way ANOVA.


Wright, D. B. (2006). Comparing groups in a before-after design: when t test and ANCOVA create different results. British journal of educational Psychology, 76, 663-675.

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