This is one of the best short ethical stories for kids. One oak tree stood tall and solid near the bank of a river and also close to part reeds. It to be a vast tree v a large trunk and hundreds the big, solid branches. The oak tree to be so proud that he supplied to boast openly about his strength. “I to be so strong and mighty! Nothing have the right to uproot me! nothing can damage me!” stated the oak tree proudly. Listening come what the oak tree to be saying the reeds couldn’t resist but say, “Oh! Mighty Oak tree, don’t it is in so proud of your strength.Nothing in this human being is immortal. Being modest is the key.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! You little feeble reeds! What execute you know about the strength and also being the strongest tree in the jungle?” laughed the Oak tree. Making funny of those reeds, the oak tree stand there with pride once suddenly the wind started to blow. The reeds bowed your heads as the wind started getting stronger. City hall this, the Oak tree said, “You room so petite and also weak! The slightest of winds make you bow your heads. Exactly how would you make it through the the strongest of storms. Ha! Ha! Ha!”


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Soon the winds turned right into a hurricane and the oak tree standing directly with pride continued to laugh at the reeds. “Oh tree! You can be huge and solid but you need not worry around us. We will bow our top in this an effective hurricane and survive it. If friend will continue standing straight, you will not have the ability to survive in these solid winds and also break in no time,” stated the wise reeds.

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“No! Nothing have the right to uproot me! i am the strongest and also will continue to was standing tall and also never bow under no matter what.” stated the arrogant tree. The winds got an ext furious and soon the hurricane take it it’s peak. The little reeds retained their top bow and also started swinging in the valuation of the wind avoiding themselves from getting uprooted. But the Oak tree i beg your pardon stood straight and tried fighting the hurricane winds soon broke down and also fell in the river.

“No! This is no possible,” cried the tree. “See we told you. You simply learnt a lesson. Better to yield as soon as it is foolish come resist, than to withstand stubbornly and be destroyed!” said all the reeds. The Oak tree walk drifting in the water crying end his own false pride.

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MORAL: never BE therefore PROUD of YOURSELF! ONE SHOULD always REMAIN HUMBLE, OR rather ONE needs to SUFFER.

Here is a brief visual depiction of this quick moral stories for kids “The Oak Tree and The Reeds“. Watch the video story below,