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Voices the Babylon is the 3rd studio album by the British tape The Outfield, released throughout the feather of 1989 and which spawned one eponymous single. It was the group"s last album to function drummer Alan Jackman until the relax of Replay in 2011. The was additionally their final album top top the Columbia label. Following the album"s release, and with their commercial success slipping, the tape parted means with drummer Alan Jackman and soon rental Paul Reed together a replacement for the album"s tour. This album features a distinctive script similar to what is recognized as the Pigpen cipher. ~ above the album cover, the script says "OUTFIELD", and also the liner notes show the title of every album monitor in that exact same script.more »

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Hit the message, I have the right to hear you callingNo one"s going all over tonightWe conceived a modern-day generationIt was totally free but now we salary the priceWe"re the victim of our own creationChasing rainbows that room painted black color or whiteWatch the struggle of our temptationInstincts barely keeping us aliveBack come the valuation that we all came fromVoices of Babylon, streets of LondonBack come the people that we understand so wellSpace and also time removed too shortly to tellJust a product the imaginationPatiently us wait for our rotate to comeA tiny collection the the populationBy the time our number"s up, we might be goneBack come the rhythm that us all came fromVoices the Babylon, highways of LondonBack to the people that we understand so wellSpace and also time removed too soon to tellBack come the rhythm that we all come fromVoices the Babylon, highways of LondonBack come the world that we understand so wellSpace and also time gotten rid of too shortly to tellBack to the valuation that us all came fromVoices that Babylon, streets of London-town

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The Outfield The Outfield space an English popular music rock/power pop strength trio based in London, England. The Outfield room unusual for a British band in that they took pleasure in commercial success in the U.S., but never enjoyed a comparable success in their homeland. They began recording throughout the mid-1980s, and also they exit their an initial album, play Deep, in 1985 through Columbia Records. The album reached No. 9 ~ above the Billboard 200 list and also then got to triple platinum in America. Their single "Your Love" reached No. 6 top top the Billboard hot 100 and also No.

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7 on the Mainstream rock chart, and it came to be their signature song. The went on to be featured in a number of 80s-themed compilation albums, and also over 1,000 covers and remixes by other artists have been released physically and/or online… an ext »