The important component of the wording of the problem tells us that the two integers are consecutive. So, let"s call the first term x. Then the various other term should be x + 1 since it comes right after it and also is an integer. Now we deserve to solve:x(x + 1) = x + (x + 1) + 19x^2 + x = 2x + 20x^2 - x - 20 = 0Now we factor:(x - 5)(x + 4) = 0This indicates x either equals 5 or x = -4 to fulfill the above equation. We know that x is positive from the question itself, so x need to be 5. The number consecutively after it then have to be 6.

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What is the determinants form of 3r^2 + rx -10x^2
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the solution is in the picture over please note brainliest


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4 months ago

A tvery own planner creates plans for a new water tower. The tower is 96 feet tall and the tank is circular through a diameter of 64 fee
11Alexandr11 <23.1K>
1. 12inch*8inch2. 1920ft*64ft
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8 months ago

Human being via the correct acquire brainlyiest!
8_murik_8 <283>

2/5y and -0.2y

Step-by-action explanation:

both have y as their variable

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1 year ago

Need help through this problem please!!!!
vovikov84 <41>

he gets passist $40 for eexceptionally watch tha the sells plus $800 dollars a month as a base salary

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10 months ago
In a class tbelow are
iren <92.7K>

the probcapacity that a student preferred at random plays footround or cricket or both =


Step-by-action explanation:

i) 8 students play football and cricket

ii) 4 students do not play football or cricket

iii) full of 14 students play footround.

iv) therefore the number of students who play only footround is = 14 - 8 = 6

v) full of 20 students play cricket.

vi) therefore the variety of students who play just cricket is = 20 - 8 = 12

vii) therefore the full number of students = 8 + 4 + 6 + 12 = 30

viii) the probcapability a student favored at random plays footround =


ix) the probcapability a student preferred at random plays cricket =


x) the probcapacity a student preferred at random plays both football and cricket =


xi) therefore the probability that a student chosen at random plays football or cricket or both =


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11 months ago
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