Season 1 illustration 1 - Welcome to the tropical

Jake is initiated right into The Troop, a group that protects the city from extraterrestrial monsters. His first mission is to help his average neighbors, who have actually been turned come stone. Air date : 18th-Sep-2009

Season 1 illustration 1 - Welcome come the tropical

Jake is initiated right into The Troop, a team that protects the city from alien monsters. His first mission is to assist his median neighbors, who have actually been turned to stone. Air day : 18th-Sep-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 2 - perform the Worm

While conserving a an elderly Dance indigenous a Mongolian death worm, Jake learns no to referee a publication by the cover, and Felix i do not care an i can not qualify hero. Air day : 12th-Sep-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 3 - there Is No ns in Monster Hunter

Jake learns the worth of teamwork. Meanwhile, Hayley finds the end that it"s not possible to be liked by everyone. Air date : 18th-Sep-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 4 - forest Grump

A tree monster bring away the kind of a college student in stimulate to death the college student council. Also, Felix is forced into a situation where the must defend a boy that has actually wronged that in the past. Air date : 18th-Sep-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 5 - Pajama game ... Of fatality

Jake and Felix must infiltrate Hayley"s cheerleader slumber party in bespeak to discover out i m sorry girl is hosting a pest alien. Also, Stockey is nervous around attending his Troop class reunion. Air date : 25th-Sep-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 6 - Taming of the Cube

While fighting a gelatinous cube monster, Haley and also Jake accidently move bodies. Air day : 2nd-Oct-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 7 - No much more Master Nice guy

Haley i do not care suspicious when a mousy classmate all of sudden gains status and power - i m sorry is revealed to it is in by managing an invisible, subservient monster. Air day : 16th-Oct-2009Read More

Season 1 episode 8 - The great Punkin

On Halloween night, The Troop has actually to catch the monster after the security system breaks down and the monsters escape. Air day : 23rd-Oct-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 9 - Tentacle challenge

Jake meets his monster-hunting hero, but discovers he"s out growing the capacity to hunt and also capture the ultimate monster he has actually been chasing his entirety career. Air day : 13th-Nov-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 10 - lost in translate in

A troop from Japan arrives to share monster-hunting techniques with our Troop, but social differences complicate everyone"s do the efforts at beating the elusive Noctem. Air date : 20th-Nov-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 11 - The Good, The Bad and also the Ickie Doll

Jake and also Hayley find that the warm Christmas toy, the "Ickie Doll", has been invaded by a Vapor Monster, turning the dolls right into nasty, violent, life creatures. Air day : 12th-Dec-2009Read More

Season 1 illustration 12 - The substitute

When a veteran troop member called Bianca Stonehouse replace instead replace Mr. Stockley due to his dentist appointment, The Troop discover that she is a monster in disguise, over there to help another monster escape and also to uncover the real Bianca Stonehouse prior to its also late. Air date : 9th-Jan-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 13 - Unpleasantville

A strange Swarm monster causes everyone in town to act perfectly, The convoy learns the perfection is overrated. Air day : 16th-Jan-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 14 - mine Gus is earlier & There"s Gonna be problem

Felix"s new friendship with Gus creates a rift within The Troop. Tiny does anyone recognize of Gus"s mystery plans to damage The Troop. Air day : 30th-Jan-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 15 - rate

Jake and Haley have to pretend to be a couple in bespeak to catch the Eris Fairy(Victoria Justice) that"s been running around the institution breaking up couples in love. Felix functions furiously to catch the Eris Fairy just to realize how much he relates to her situation. In the end, the fairy apologizes come Felix and also tells him the she likes him. Air date : 5th-Feb-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 16 - I, Monster

The convoy is in lockdown until they can number out which among them is really a monster. Air day : 20th-Feb-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 17 - choose A Moth come the Spotlight

While hunting a Vampire Moth, the convoy must mitigate the suspicions of 2 of their classmates that witnessed a monster fight, yet cannot be Snarked. Air date : 13th-Mar-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 18 - Vampsters

When a team of component vampire/ component Hamster/ part Human monsters invade Lakewood, Jake must go undercover to infiltrate the team in bespeak to find their lair. Air day : 20th-Mar-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 19 - Snarked up

Jake is pregnant with a baby Snark, which makes his neck look weird. A griffin is harassing local ranchers and also Haley and Felix have to take that out. Air day : 16th-Apr-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 20 - Itty Bitty infant Dragon

After Phoebe unwittingly "adopts" a baby Dragon and Jake and the convoy must number out how to return it before the mom dragon find them first. Air date : 23rd-Apr-2010Read More

Season 1 episode 21 - The Wrath of the Wraith

Jake and two other students effort to remain overnight in an abandoned hospital rumored to it is in haunted by a Wraith. Air date : 17th-Jul-2010Read More

Season 1 episode 22 - Hayley and Felix on the next

When Haley and Felix room scratched by a Zylork, its venom makes them desire to be eaten by the monster and Jake should save his friends from themselves. Air date : 24th-Jul-2010Read More

Season 1 episode 23 - double Felix

Felix creates a robotic variation of himself that is much better at his life than he is, yet evil. Hayley is bitten through a monster which gives her symptoms that make she seem really nerdy. Air day : 31st-Jul-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 24 - Don"t speak to Dr. Cranius

A Harvard-educated sponge called Dr. Cranius (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) is caught by The Troop. He then tries come manipulate the members therefore he deserve to escape. Air date : 7th-Aug-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 25 - batteries Not contained

Mr. Stockley is the acting major at school and wants to the work to walk perfectly to present off what he can do, but when an Oculypse escapes from HQ destruction is wreaked ~ above the student body. Air day : 14th-Aug-2010Read More

Season 1 illustration 26 - The following Stop: Lakewood

Gus is earlier from the mental hospital and also he plans on ruining The Troop and also taking end Lakewood. But in bespeak to carry out he kidnaps Mr. Stockley, to get in headquarters and release all the captive monsters. Air date : 21st-Aug-2010Read More

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