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Written by dafd reger and other human being who great to remainanonymous

Susan Beth Pfeffer"s Life together We Knew It is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Miranda. She is count down the time until she sophomore year ends and summer starts. Her residence life is not so great and she it s okay in fights through her mommy a many she go not prefer her boyfriend. Once news spread about an asteroid, people are no worried due to the fact that the scientist predicted that it would not it is in fatal. Once the asteroid hits the moon the gravitation shifts, leading to panics and also Tsunamis.

The following day Miranda make the efforts to call her family but because cell towers space done she can"t make any contact through them. Once she meets up v the family, they rush to the save to gain nonperishable items. V a full pantry, they all feeling safe however Miranda think its overkill - but she will quickly be proven wrong.

The food quickly runs the end at stores and most electrical energy is lost. With temperatures plummeting, Miranda cannot swim or view Dan her boyfriend the one human being she likes. Through volcanos, tsunamis, and substantial tides millions have died. With their food supplies, currently they have to ration to survive.

The only resource of warmth they have actually is one fireplace. One day, Jonny, Laura, and also Matt get a heat Miranda walk to the hospital. There, they discover only two registered nurses there say hat anyone is dead. This is a shock to Miranda, v the others slowly recovering Miranda knows they can"t survive. With power coming earlier they are having some an excellent fortune.

When Miranda goes into town she sees a yellow flyer she runs to get it and also it says they space delivering food to civilization at town has she rushes there and also gets every the food she can. The story ends on Miranda"s birthday and she climate knows her family will survive no matter what wake up to them.

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