It’s been two decades since “Selena” to be released and fans anywhere are psychic La Reina and the biopic this week. “Entertainment Tonight” recorded up through Suzette and Abraham Quintanilla in your recording studio in body Christi, Texas to talk about the movie. They talked about why they chose to make and also release a movie about the late Tejano singer’s life just two years after her death. Suzette called ET the the household wanted come make sure that the story the Selena and their household was excellent the right means and they want to make sure that the film to be accurate. They revealed they were impressed with just how much Jennifer Lopez had the ability to channel Selena in she portrayal.

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Suzette and also Abraham Quintanilla opened up to “Entertainment Tonight” around how castle felt when they witnessed J.Lo play Selena saying that for a second, Suzette thought she was seeing she sister top top stage as soon as again.



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“She provided me chills once I saw her ,” Suzette said ET. “I was v him when she go out. I literally, for a separation second, believed it was my sister. I mean, the method she came out and when she came down the stairs, she type of propelled down her dress the means that mine sister would. She simply looked amazing.”

On the other hand, Abraham admitted the he didn’t desire the elopement scene included in the movie. He told ET the he didn’t desire Selena’s younger pan to think the it was it s okay to elope. But, that did additionally apologize and expressed regret for being so strict v Selena that she felt it necessary to run off and also get married there is no his knowledge.

The Quintanillas likewise told ET i beg your pardon of the top “Selena” scenes were real and which were made up for the movie.

Get your popcorn. This is good.

1. The washing device dance: Fiction

“Actually, no,” Abraham said about the scene.

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“But what is true is the we would certainly go, together a family, down by the water and we would hang the end there and also we would talk and also just be a family members basically,” Suzette added.

2. Anything because that Selenas: Nonfiction



CREDIT: Selena / Q Productions / Movieclips / YouTube

“This is what happened,” Abraham recalled to ET. “The driver maintained insisting the he might pull the bus out and so, finally, ns told him, ‘You know what? If you desire to shot it, walk for it.’ ns think the was around the 4th jerk that ripped the bumper off and also everything choose the movie. They picked it up, put it in the backseat of his car, he said he was going to hang it increase in his garage v a authorize that states ‘Selenas.’ That’s specifically like the movie.”