I"ve just lost a word ns use commonly whenever talking around the reasons for punishments.

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The word have to (I think) fill the blank:Punishments, such as jail time, __ people from doing crime.

The native is pertained to stopping, hindrance, incentive, restrict, etc.

In this usage, that should likewise imply that it stops human being from committing crime since they don"t desire to walk to jail. Jail also stops people from committing crimes since they can"t leave jail. It need to fit both of these simultaneously.

I expect this isn"t too much of a stretch.

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asked Sep 28 "13 at 2:08

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You seem to have mentally misplaced words deter and the assorted words created from it using derivational morphology.

There are plenty of synonyms the hinder and deter, however one normally thinks of deterrence together a (potential) element in doling the end criminal penalties.

Things prefer restrain, obstruct, impede, and dissuade no at every so usual for this purpose.

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answered Sep 28 "13 in ~ 2:37

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