Is South Africa eastern or west of Australia?
Jackson is to Mississippi as ______is to Kentucky.

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Is Europe east or west of North America?east
Look at a map of Europe and also Asia. What hill range sepaprices Europe from Asia?Ural Mountains
Which of the complying with places does not fit: Columbus, Ohio; Sacramento, California; Billings, Montana; Albany type of, New YorkBillings, Montana
Waht major city in northern The golden state is situated on a peninsula?San Francisco
Which has higher elevation, Greenland or Australia?Greenland
If you are drawing a map in which the range is 1 inch 2 miles, just how many type of inches would certainly it take to display 12 miles?6 inches
What is the capial of the state whose next-door neighbors are Canada, Maine, Vermont, and also Massachusetts?Concord (New Hampshire)
The many type of islands that stretch from Florida to Venezuela are described as the _________.West Indies
Most continents are separated into countries, and also nations are regularly divided into claims. How are someof the says in the United States then divided?right into counties, cities, and regions
What is the distinction between a strait and also an isthmus?a strait connects bodies of water and also an isthmus connects land
What is the longest north-south river in the US?Mississippi
Name the funding of South Dakota.Pierre
What direction is Spain from France?South or southeast
Is the state of Hawaii north or south of the equator?North
Find Alaska on a map.

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What part of the state has a peninsula, north or south?
What tributary flows into the Mississippi River where Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri meet?Ohio River
Name the funding of Nevada. In what part of the state is this city located?Carson City; Western part
At what does The United States and Canada finish and South America begin?at the Panama/Columbia border
What direction is South America from Antarctica?North
The Pyrenees Mountains sepaprice what two European countries?Spain, France
Lake Michigan is in what direction from Chicback, Illinois?East
What is the capital of Iowa?Des Moines