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My examine engine light is on and also I went and also had autozone pull the code.. Come up v a code and when lock looked it up it showed that the financial institution 1 sensor 1 was bad.. So ns go and get the sensor.. As soon as I went online Autozone was nice sufficient to post pic a mirroring which to be the financial institution 1 sensor 1.. Therefore I changed the one that they show here together the financial institution 1 sensor 1:

****This picture is just a basic guideline. This is indigenous a V8 fitted vehicle, not the highlander. California Highlander"s have actually 4 sensors while the various other 49 says only have actually 3****But examine engine light simply came ago on.. So i think I readjusted the dorn one.. A quick google search came up that its the earlier sensor.. Have the right to anyone check this???Also I got a Bosch sensor.. I check out someone to speak they don"t work-related as great as the factory Denso.. However will that still work-related though? BTW Autozone did have actually the Denso sensor because that $368!! and also had to be distinct ordered.. And also I always thought the dealership was the one that usually was cigarette smoking crack!!! :confused
Bank 1 is next to the firewall financial institution 2 is next to the radiator. Bank 1 describes cyl. 1 side and bank 2 describes cyl. 2 side. If you changed the sensor beside radiator because that a password for financial institution 1 sensor 1 climate you have actually replaced the not correct one.
I guess I will be tearing turn off the manifold tonight to adjust the sensor.. I need to replace the back sparkplugs anyways..

would not imply the bosch, because that some reason the 1mze engine doesnt favor them. Buy from digital or in other places the OEM denso....seen also many short articles of world fighting codes and also ended up instead of the bosch and fixed problem.

Here is a denso at partsgeek.com at oxygensenor.com
Yeah I uncovered the Denso on Rockauto for $136.. I"m walking to shot the Bosch for now since autozone wont take ago any electronic device/sensor as soon as it has actually been installed. I"ll replace the Bosch with the Denso if the Bosch gives me fits..

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I to be seriously around to shed my faith with the stupid sensor!!! well actually simply the connector.. I could easily obtain to the sensor but I couldn"t get 2 hands on the stupid link to pinch the clip and also pull at the same time.. I ended up walking crawling under the auto while my dad was on peak with a freaking lengthy screw driver.. He used the upper intake as a fulcrum and pushed the tab down through the suggest of the screw driver while i pulled out the connector while ns was underneath.. Took about an hour to number out exactly how to gain the connector lose.. After the it took around 1 minute to change the sensor..Check engine light off!!!!next week.. Tackling the rear spark plugs!!! :clap:

Oh the behind plugs room fun. Friend will need a 3inch extension, If lock dont have actually 125k miles on them dont bother. If you do, use just the Denso or NGK iridium plugs. Carry out not use Bosch, you will regret it.
Its got 109,000 and when i pulled one.. The electrode looked worn but likewise having a poor sensor may have actually fouled the plugs ~ above the bank that the sensor was poor so I wanted to just go ahead and also replace them.. Going ago with NGK Iridium.. Ns learned a lengthy time ago that Bosch plugs suck.. BTW can"t be nearly as fun as an altering the earlier most plugs on a 5.4L Ford exploration with behind A/C.. The ago side the the engine is under the firewall.. Plus a there is a maze that vacuum lines for the rear A/C... Every the while balancing you yourself ON peak of the engine... The rear plugs you have to go by feel, unbolt and also remove the coil pack and then to gain to the plug you need socket to a 6" expansion to a universal to one more 12" entension to a socket wrench.. Entire job took 9 hours.. My old roomate claimed it takes the an hour tops (he"s a Ford Diesel tech)