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Hi everyone,Do girlfriend what the reason would be when both tobacco lighter sockets in the prior of ours 2006 sienna no functioning. Wife is tiffed that she can"t fee her cabinet phone. It seems to be the entire circuit due to the fact that the 115 ac sockets is additionally not functioning. I noticed that when I plugged in the children adapter for your nintendo DS. Ns checked and also even changed the fuse to no avail. Any kind of thoughts top top what else ns can check despite bringing in to the dealer come check.Thanks.
The fuse to be the obvious thing, but that"s already been eliminated... Uneven the new fuse automatically blew, meaning the root cause is an overload or quick somewhere. I would look in ~ the brand-new fuse, and also test at the fuse place to check out if there is power there, and also work upstream or downstream indigenous that suggest based ~ above the result.
Is that the 15 amp fuse you changed with an additional 15 amp?Did you placed a 10 amp fuse instead?Regards, Jason.
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That circuit is accessory-switched. Have the right to we i think that various other accessory circuits - such together the one powering the radio - still work, and also thus it is not an ignition move problem?Also, ns assume the these sockets worked previously, for this reason something has actually failed recently. I additionally assume the problem occurs when the ignition key is in and turned top top (as one accessory-switched circuit, it is not an alleged to work-related without the key).
There are 2 fuses because that the front power outlets (12 volt)1 is the "cig" fuse and also this is for outlet #11 is the "pwr outlet" and this is for outlet #2Both are 15 amp.Also over there is a fuse because that the 115 V. This is also 15 amp and is labled "AC INV".What fuse did you replace?
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Good catch, Rob. I forgot the the 2 front outlets have separate fuses, and I don"t have the inverter (for the AC outlet). Is over there a usual larger fuse (or fusible link) or relay more "upstream" which supplies all 3 of these finish circuits? when multiple things go wrong in ~ once, it makes sense come look for what they have actually in common.

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No common fuse or anthing the I recognize that ties them every together. They room all separate circuits.Maybe the key switch for the 115V is rotate off?I am no to worried about the children DS.



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