In the story “two methods to belong to America” the author and also narrator Bharati handle an issue of photos of immigrant in America, and also what it truly means to belong to a country. In Bharati short story “two means to belong to America” she talks and also her and also her sister endure as first time immigrants moving from India come America. At your arrival to America they were comparable in a most ways, appearance and also attitudes-views and also sentiments.

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They were both seek degrees-Mira in boy psychology and also pre-school education, bharati went on to peruse a level in an imaginative writing.

after they obtained their degree’s they to be to go back to India and marry, a man of your fathers choosing. The second component of this arrangement the 2 sisters aborted –Mira, after efficiently gaining her degree in son psychology and preschool education and Preferring to be collection in her ways married a young Indian guy pursuing his business administration degree at Wayne’s university.


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Bharati while obtaining her degree in creative writing married a other American college student of Canadian heritage. Both of castle then would be properly married for thirty add to years and still maintain contact with each other; however, the narrator Bharati look at that together the just similarity that they have actually as immigrant coming native India to America. Bharati being the more outgoing and also open-minded sister the the two, pick to welcome together much adjust as a brand-new continent might offer, obtaining her environment-friendly card then later her citizenship.

She welcomed the difficulties of marrying a male from a different culture, wanting all the obstacles that to be accustomed to adapting to the American culture.

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She moved about in to various states, and also even went to live in husband family’s homeland-Canada. She want to set roots in the country she lived in, vote and make a distinction in any means that she could. She simply wanted come feel like she belonged. Mira top top the various other hand, being more of one introvert and a patriot of her county/culture feeling it necessary to never associated in American society and feeling contentment with her labor certification.

She stuck to she roots and her genealogical culture, however contributed far-ranging amount of her expertise in child psychology and preschool education and learning to American education system and also nationally has been known for she efforts. The two sisters might not it is in any much more different in their experiences the America. In this time, new laws were being established about the concerns of possessing a American citizenship/green card verses simply simply obtaining a appropriate to native certification.

This cause Mira to end up being irritated at the method she felt America was treating its hardworking immigrants, yet Bharati constantly being able come look in ~ both political parties of an worry objectively, walk not view it that way. She tried to urge her sister to acquire a eco-friendly card so the she would still be eligible for benefits that came v being one American citizen/green card holder , she responded she would, simply until she was prepared to go earlier to her nation she’d readjust her citizenship earlier to being a citizens of India.

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Bharati then observed her sister in a different light, they absolutely was not the same. Wherein she was passionate around being in a new country she sister desired to be like an exile, life in a country but not the the country. In conclusion, i agree v both Mira and also Bharati I think that as soon as one has willingly concerned a country, one have to adapt, but one must always maintain an identification that signifies your background and also ancestry…never fully giving in to both yet finding a balance that suits you.

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