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i rarely ever go to Craigslist. Bot this particular day I though ns would check it the end for any kind of crossbows for sale. I was surprised to uncover so numerous makes and also models available. This might be a great place to start for who looking to buy their an initial bow. After purchaseing a bow some people just get worn down of shooting them or desire to update to other else. There seems to be part very great deals top top there. Simply remember to do your acquisition in a safe location. There have actually been a many horror stories of civilization being robbed and worse native some bad people top top here. Simply a thought. Take it a look and also see what friend think.

I have actually looked n found plenty of crossbows, castle seem come think lock all have actually a fifty percent oz. Of gold in them so far
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I got an Excal Vortex that will come v a deed come the Brooklyn Bridge. Interested Mike?
If you want to salary $400+ because that an old Horton (pre- Ten Point), our neighborhood CL has plenty that them. Together Mike said, many sellers want way more money compared to forum classifieds.
It"s the person who lives beware for certain on CL. Through that being claimed I just looked in ~ Craigslist-Cleveland and also found:Excal. Grizzly $350Tenpoint $200Horton $70These room asking prices, I"m certain they have the right to be had actually for less.Here in Ohio crossbows have actually been legal throughout archery season for so long (40yrs) the sector is saturated with used crossbows. Lb
CamxExcalibur rapid crossbows space like fast cars and fast women....Lots of funny till something walk wrong.
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There could be a few brands that transfer lifetime warranties however I"d suspect not many. Also, you could be purchase a lemon. I"d be an extremely CAREFUL.
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That"s quite of you. Didn"t median to sound negative towards your post. I guess it relies on i beg your pardon Craigslist you look at / use. Both the ones in my area it seems ~ to have guys that overvalue used and obsolete crossbows. Climate again, IF they are in an excellent shape, they must be an extremely serviceable.
Craigslist here in Maryland had a Ravin r-9 provided for prefer 700 dollars in the box a couple of months ago. More than likely wanted to meet in some dark alley. ns wasn"t around to find out.

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I"ve bought and also sold crossbows top top craigslist. The regional police station has actually a community room where people can conduct transactions. Excalibur"s are the just crossbow I would certainly not hesitate to buy used. Lb
CamxExcalibur quick crossbows space like fast cars and fast women....Lots of fun till something go wrong.
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