Wear of USMC organization Ribbons

USMC Ribbons are authorized on naval dress “B”, dress “A” or shirts when prescribed together an external garment. They are generally worn in rows of 3 or rows that 4 as soon as displaying a big number the awards. If the lapel conceals any ribbons, they may be put in successively decreasing rows, i.e., 4, 3, 2, 1. All aligned vertically on center, except if the top row can be changed to existing the neatest appearance. Ribbon rows may be spaced 1/8 inch apart or together. Ribbon bars are focused 1/8 inch above the top left pocket. When marksmanship badges room worn, the ribbon bars are 1/8 inch above them.

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Full dimension Medals

Marines might wear up to 4 medals side by next on a 3 customs bar. A preferably of seven medals may be overlapped (not come exceed 50% through the ideal or inboard medal shown in full). Complete size medals top top the blue or white dress jacket are focused on the left breast pocket v the upper edge of the stop bar on line midway between the first and second button of the jacket. When large medals space worn, all unit citations and also ribbons v no medals authorized are focused over the best breast bag the bottom leaf 1/8 inch above the top of the pocket.

For men, the maximum width of the hold bar for large medals is 5-1/2 inches, and also the size of the medals from peak of holding bar come bottom that medallions is 3-1/4 inches. A preferably of four large medals next by side will fit ~ above the maximum broad of stop bar; however, a preferably of 7 medals will fit on the hold bar if overlapped. The overlapping on each row is equal (not come exceed 50 percent). The best or inboard medal shows in full.

Women undertake no more than three big medals side by side on a solitary holding bar not to exceed 4-1/8 inches; however, a preferably of 5 medals will certainly fit ~ above the stop bar if overlapped.

Wear that USMC Miniature Medals

When miniature medals are worn, no ribbons will certainly be worn. Top top evening dress jackets miniature medals will certainly be centered on the left front jacket dashboard midway between the within edge and the left armhole seam, v the height of the bar top top line through the second blind button hole. On mess dress and SNCO’s evening and mess dress, the miniature medals are focused on the left lapel through the height of the hold bar 1 inch below the lapel notch. Preferably of 10 overlapped.

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