Condition determines your 1903 Indian head coin value. Hopefully several of the finer details stay on the coin, if so, your old coin is progressively worth more to collectors.

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Pictured is an "uncirculated" 1903 Indian penny and because of its like brand-new condition it displays every one of the original detail. Collectors and dealers find for these top quality examples and because of your rarity are extremely valued. Her coin may not it is in uncirculated, there is no wear, but nice examples with ample detail remaining are welcomed to countless collections.

After a an initial look at the worth chart check out the descriptions and also "grading" images of Indian pennies below. Today’s need does exceed the little remaining it is provided of better quality, well maintained 1903 pennies. Vast numbers of this coins have actually been shed to time and also heavy use.

Realize her coin belong to crucial sub set of 1900 through 1909 Indian pennies. These years are accumulated as a group by many. Additional more, an affordable 1903 coin is a an excellent coin to begin a beginning collection. Excitement and demand puts these at the optimal of numerous want lists.

1903 Indian Head coin ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1903 Indian Head Penny worth Updated2021
1903 $1.48 $2.49 $7 $31

Colorful and an important 1903 Penny

Stunning multi color sets the 1903 Indian penny pictured except most. Copper is an energetic metal conveniently fading far from its initial bright gold red come the tan-brown watched on circulated coins. No so with the coin here. Blazing gold backgrounds irradiate up the deep red color of the headdress and also portrait. Catching the eye of numerous collectors.

Normal nicks, bumps and also abrasions are not one issue, thankfully absent. Indian pennies the this quality are rare and seldom available for sale. Value was left to the collectors market to recognize as lot of bidders in a David Lawrence rare coin auction contended to gain this coin. At some point 1903 Indian head coin value resolved at $172.

Definitely eye appeal included to the excitement and eventual price paid for the rare problem Indian coin shown. Within your group of old coins, most likely one or more stand out as attractive, that is this coins worth a 2nd look. Visual appeal frequently adds come the in its entirety value.


Your 1903 Indian Head Penny value is Conditional

The value chart perform coins in different "grades" depending upon the lot of wear. Recognized as grading, compare her coin to the pictures plus descriptions and also find the ideal match. Girlfriend now have actually a better indication that its value.


Uncirculated: For a coin come grade "uncirculated" and at the peak of 1903 Indian head penny worth no stay is current to its surfaces. Close examination is made to the ends of the feathers, hair and also headband over her eyebrow and also cheek and also neck. These areas are the highest parts the the design and in the case of the neck and also cheek, quickly show any type of wear. Rotate the coin at an angle to friend eye. Wear shows up as a different shade in the metal, compared to the neighboring non abraded surface.


Extremely Fine: 1903 pennies uncovered with crisp, spicy detail and also only a little amount the wear are in "extremely fine" condition. Very first determine if the top and bottom the the headband mirrors ample detail. Next, if every one of "Liberty" is plainly visible that puts her coin in a choose group precious a strong premium. Additionally, her eye brow and cheek need to show virtually complete roundness through only tiny areas the flatness. Confirmation is made v a distinctive ribbon crossing over the hair curls behind her neck.


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Fine: Time invested in circulation has linked the hairline and headband and continues down the neckline fading the ribbon and hair curl wherein they meet. One positive is the major details that the feathers room evident and each feather is separated native the next. Clearly a coin that has seen center wear but still has actually some sharpness.

Good: Extensive use has worn many of the style to a shallow relief with small detail remaining. Your coin is now at the minimum collector grade known as "good" condition. The area surrounding her eye is contempt defined. Simply visible is a separation the chin and also neck. The headdress and feathers room worn smooth showing simply an outline. Although the lettering and date are heavily worn they need to be separated indigenous the rim. Her 1903 Indian head coin value may be at the low finish of the range but because of its history they remain an important coin.