How execute you get holiday lights in digital Villagers origins 2?

To make the lights, you need to acquire glass and firefly. LDW has very kindly provided the formula because that glass = fire + sand. Because that 20 vacation lights, you gain lavastones. 40 vacation lights and also you gain a vacation totem (very cute snowman!), and also 80 holiday lights rewards you with a box.

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How do you pollinate flowers in online Villagers beginnings 2?

Instructions. Wait for the butterflies to monitor the gold Child, then drag him come the strange tree north the the berry bush where the butterflies will certainly pollinate the plant.

How do I make fertilizer in digital Villagers beginnings 2?

To execute this you must craft blended Herbs and Earth. Blended Herbs is produced by make Grass and Wheat Grass. The process takes 4 hours (240 minutes) and also once finish send an adult come the crafting Hut to acquire the Fertilizer which will certainly be one every seed.

How perform you get to magic VV origins 2?

How to acquire Magic in VV beginnings 2

Step 1.) advanced a Kraken.Step 2.) handmade a rope and also drag a villager near the cracked left by earthquake.Step 3.) The villager will search the crack.Step 4.) once the procedure is done, you will acquire magic or various other item.

How carry out you relax the Kraken in virtual Villagers beginnings 2?

Drag a villager to the Kraken statue for this reason they repair the eyes. As soon as this has actually been excellent 2 big stones in ~ the center of the island will certainly fall. Friend now need villagers to push the rocks in ~ the very same time for this reason they fall. Once you have done this the Kraken will appear.

What is the 3rd puzzle in virtual Villagers 2?

Crafting Hut

How carry out you attract plans in digital Villagers beginnings 2?

Drag one adult villager come the pickaxe and also he/she will certainly chop the hardwood that is behind the make hut. Traction an adult villager that is a scientist (it will certainly be composed if he/she is a trainee, adept or understand scientist) come the scientific research board next to the research table. He/she will attract up plans.

Where is the fine in digital Villagers beginnings 2?

The fine is situated near phibìc of the map.

How perform you repair a do hut in virtual Villagers origins 2?

To rebuild it friend must an initial drag a villager come the whale skeletal that space to the eastern of the do hut for this reason they choose them up. If you now take the bones ago to the study area and drag an additional villager to the work bench they will certainly craft a pickaxe tool which have the right to be offered to eliminate the roots of the tree.

How perform you eliminate the birds in digital Villagers 2?

Steps. Take it both a understand Farmer and also a master Scientist come the pond and drop lock in. They will certainly retrieve algae-eating fish and also bring them to the ocean. Once enough algae-eating fish room transported come the ocean, the algae will clear and also your villagers deserve to fish again.

How perform you eliminate the birds in the s in digital Villagers?

How perform you do a scarecrow in digital Villagers 2?


Bring fertilizer come the eco-friendly pumpkin. Carry whale bone to building and construction table and also use a understand builder make a scythe.Use the scythe to cut the yellow grass 3 times. Collect branches native the dead tree alongside the do Hut. Then carry 2 ropes come tie the scarecrow.

How perform you remove the bear in online Villagers origins 2?

Bake the pie, then drop a villager ~ above the pie. He will “carefully” take it to the bear. Goodbye bear.

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How long does it take to make a scythe in vv2?

It will take around 2 hours prior to it is fertilized. Then have a master builder do a scythe at the building table native a whale bone.