Canceling DISH and also becoming a cord cutter deserve to sound scary at first, v a ton of choices and decisions to make, yet we expect this overview will present you that cord cut is surprisingly easy. In fact, friend may currently have most, if not everything, you need. Now we room going to aid you cancel food TV and show you exactly how you deserve to still legally clock your shows as you conserve money on your TV bill.

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How come Cancel food TV

DISH, like many cable TV services, provides it daunting to cancel, but we room going to perform our finest to assist you out. Now that you are prepared to cancel, contact DISH in ~ 1-866-974-1364. mental the customer organization reps room not over there to assist you cancel. They room going come do every little thing they have the right to to scare you right into staying through DISH, therefore be prepared to to speak “No” over and also over again when they shot to convince you come stay. Make sure DISH puts girlfriend on their execute not call list, for this reason they don’t contact you every day for years to come. Girlfriend can discover out just how to be placed on a execute not contact list at her old cable agency by click HERE.

How to watch Your reflects & channels After friend Cancel DISH

Now the you have canceled DISH, there are many an excellent ways to still watch your favorite TV shows and also events live together they happen. Desire a full side-by-side channel compare of this services? We have a graph breaking under what networks each business offers HERE. Right here is a breakdown of few of the most well-known options:


fuboTV is one of the finest streaming solutions for sporting activities fans. FuboTV expenses $54.99 a month and includes a vast collection the channels. Through fuboTV, you’ll get access to exploration Networks, Viacom, FOX, and more.

Sling TV

Sling TV starts at just $25 a month with a substantial collection that channels, yet right now you can acquire the Sling TV transaction for 40% off all packages for the an initial three months, make Orange and Blue $15 each and the mix of the two just $25. Sling also has a 7-day totally free trial, so you can test the out before you pay.


Philo prices $20 a month and also is perfect if you space not trying to find sports or news. Philo offers access to a vast collection of channels from Viacom, AMC, A+E Networks, Discovery, Hallmark, and also more.


Hulu also has a large collection the live TV channels starting at $44.99 a month, and also it has Hulu’s on-demand service.

YouTube TV

For $49.99 a month you can obtain a subscription to YouTube TV, i beg your pardon includes access to over 70 channels. Friend can produce up to 6 profiles with each YouTube TV subscription, so friend can set up your very own profile to record games when her favorite groups play.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue starts in ~ $49.99 every month because that the access package v over 48 channels including locals in most areas.


When you authorize up because that AT&T TV NOW, you’ll pick from two package options. The to add option costs $50 a month and also comes with 45+ networks including HBO. The Max package costs $70 a month and also comes with 60+ channels along with HBO and Cinemax.

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Right now you can gain Vidgo because that $14.99 a month with access to 48 channels in the nationwide English Streaming Plan. (Note: This is just a check launch and an ext channels will certainly be included to the lineup at the moment of the full launch.)

Here are the gadgets that will certainly let you clock these services on your TV:

Streaming PlayerSling TVPS VueAT&T TV NOWYouTube TVHulufuboTVPhilo
Android Phones/TabletXXXXXXX
Xbox OneXXX
PlayStation 4X

Congratulations! You space a cord cutter!

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