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Apologies if this is an extremely stupid statement, and also if this was the very first place girlfriend looked. Yet the drainpipe plug may be under the mower deck. From quickly looking increase a chart of your engine, it looks choose that may be the situation here. There"s an Oil drainpipe Plug (part 15) listed. That looks choose it has actually a recessed square drive. For this reason it might be surprise by dried grass clippings, etc. Http:// plug picture:
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The components diagram in ~ this site mirrors a drain plug. Http:// probably has actually a square hole in the center to use a break over bar.Dave
I cant market up any kind of info ~ above the briggs but I to buy a just a cheap power washer at residence depot last year with a Honda GCV190 engine. Go to change the oil and also could not uncover a drainpipe plug either. Pulled the manual out and also you need to tip the over and also pour the oil the end of the dip pole hole. :fing20:First i had ever before heard of this. Its just another method to cheapen increase the product and save HOnda or who ever before 86 cents per unit.
Just to buy an ECHO rolled trimmer last year with a B&S, go to change the oil prior to I layed the up for the winter....where the **** is the drain plug, none. As was said, you need to tip the over and use the dipstick tube, yet need to make sure there"s no gas in it very first so friend don"t acquire fuel going wherein it"s not an alleged to. What a bunch that bs by B&S for the services of a drain plug.....Mike
Just bought an ECHO wheeled trimmer critical year v a B&S, go to adjust the oil before I layed it up because that the winter....where the **** is the drain plug, none. As was said, you have to tip it over and also use the dipstick tube, but have to make sure there"s no gas in it an initial so friend don"t obtain fuel going where it"s not supposed to. What a bunch that bs by B&S because that the services of a drainpipe plug.....Mike
Hey, i agree with you however Honda is act it too on your homeowner heat of engines. I am quite darn cautious with what ns buy this days and also do quite a little bit of research and not having actually a drain plug to be the last thing on my mind. I had actually never heard the it till I go to readjust the oil. We live in together a litter away culture these days. Heck, ns knew the Honda engine would certainly out last the pump a million times over however just required something to get by with. Its a shame that we have actually resorted to cutting these type of corners yet I am almost to the point that nothing surprises me anymore.

In 9 years of servicing equipment, I have yet to ever use a drain plug on a press mower engine, I just tip the over, oil filler side under (coincidence the it is constantly carb next up?) and also drain it right into a pan. Perfect time to remove and also replace or sharpen the blade, and also spark plug, reminder it ago down, and refill v fresh mess.As for oil assumption: v she hasnt been oiling her air filter element, and also the engine has been suck dust and also dirt every its life...not much have the right to be done, but if the wait filter is "dry" bet.
The 1972 Squire Applegate push mower I have put the drain ( Briggs 3.5hp ) under the lower deck ( actual cut deck ). To readjust the oil, it takes removed the blade, pulling the bolts the end of the deck and setting it aside, climate there is access to the crankshaft and also oil drains. Personally, I simply use a $6 pump to gain the oil out..
now the following thing....they will avoid puttin drainpipe plugs on riders....& call ya to pointer them over.....
now the next thing....they will protect against puttin drain plugs ~ above riders....& tell ya to guideline them over.....

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they kinda have, the weed eater one, and the murray rer that walmart has you have to tip top top its next to drainpipe the oil
My aunt has actually a push mower and also I"m functioning on the engine. She constantly has begin it with starter liquid every time she goes to use it. She also says it"s making use of a the majority of oil. Therefore I confirm the oil drainpipe plug to view if it was tight and also I uncovered that there wasn"t an oil drainpipe plug. Engine numbersmodel: 10T502Type: 0457-B1Code: 10052654If anyone has any type of information about why this is continue in can assist me the end a small bit I"d evaluate it.Thanks in advanceSent native the MTF cost-free App
I have actually an enlarge Murray walk-behind mower with a B&S engine the does have actually a drainpipe plug ~ above the bottom, as described above. There is no an excellent way to eliminate it and also have both me and the ground remain clean, sometimes neither...Mike
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Today I operated on 2 mowers v B&S engines, a 4.5 and a 5.5 hps and also both did no have drain plugs. They"re both 2009 models. I offered a hand pump to suck the oil out. B&S supplies a pump you use in a electrical drill for $24.95 top top thier net site. Ns bought a $12.00 hand pump at lowes. Functioned good.
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