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I to buy this gun in Indiana around 3yrs ago from an old gunsmith the was clean house and retiring. No really certain what I have here! i bought it due to the fact that I was impressed through the engraved stock and excellent all at once condition. The works good too!! It"s stamped Revelation design 120 .22 LR west Auto with NO SERIAL #. I"ve checked out some ~ above line and the stocks space plain compared to this one. The scope doesnt have any type of name noting at all. Deserve to anyone put a value on this for me? Or does anyone recognize a little history on this gun? ns love it and don"t intended on offering it any time soon yet I"d just like to know. I paid $100 from the gunsmith. Walk I acquire a transaction or was i robbed?
Your Revalation version 120 is a keep brand and number by western Auto Stores for the Marlin model 60. Yours appears to have actually the long magazine tube that puts that as an early rifle (before 1985). Yours shows up to it is in in very great condition. The scope has actually the look at of a Tasco or some other lower price border an would certainly not add a good deal come the price. A brand-new Marlin design 60 is around $169 and there are 10"s of thousands of them roughly so collector intrest is virtually nil. I intend walking roughly at a gun display you would gain someone to offer you around $100. Very great shooter, reliable, accurate fun. Tarheel101
This .22 rifle was made by Savage Arms around 1960. It was marketed in auto supply stores under the surname "Revelation" as a lower priced substitute ffor a Savage. The decoration on the share is not hand carved, yet was stamped over there by machine. The $100 you payment was about what this rifles walk for in ~ gun shows.

Prior to enactment that the Gun regulate Act that 1968, weapons were not required to have actually serial numbers and many the the much less expensive ones, mostly .22"s and also shotguns, go not have them. Serial numbering guns costs the manufacturer money, both for the numbering tools itself and for the record maintaining that goes along with it, so devices didn"t use numbers as soon as they didn"t have to.Guns made before 1968 there is no serial numbers space perfectly legal; a dealer simply writes "Pre-68, no number" in his records. This is unequal the problem where a serial number has actually been changed or removed, i m sorry is illegal.Jim

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