Set in together a stunning herbal landscape, the Maldives lends chin perfectly to an extensive variety of water and also nature-based activities. Because 99% the the Maldives is consisted of of ocean, the shimmering waters market a scenic playground for all water sport lovers. Finest of all, many Maldives resorts also offer free activities and also excursions included in her stay. Boasting a suite of activities to draw you beyond the will walls, you have the right to enjoy every little thing from scuba diving and jet ski"s to food preparation classes and yoga. Check out on to uncover the good range of activities on offer at the Maldives every year round.

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Non-motorized water sports

To make the most of your Maldives holiday, shot out the terrific range that non-motorized water sporting activities on offer. Whether you want to take it simple on a pedal boat or try your luck at windsurfing, there is certain to it is in an activity for you. Relying on where you remain in the Maldives, most resorts will offer cost-free use of the adhering to non-motorized water sports.

Stand increase paddle boardingWind surfingSea KayakingCatamaran SailingPedal boatBeach volleyballBadmintonSnorkelling

Motorized water sports

If you desire to take her holiday come the following level, make use of your resort"s an excellent range of motor water sports. While numerous of these tasks come at second charge, they’re guarantee to leaving lasting storage on your Maldives holiday. Native zooming throughout the waves on a jet ski to soaring in the sky on a parasail, these great range the Maldives activities are sure to obtain the heart pumping.

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Jet skiingScuba divingParasailingWakeboardingSpeedboat safariTubingFly boardingBanana watercraft ride

Maldives Excursions

Want to endeavor out of your resort and discover much more of the Maldives? authorize up for a half to full day excursion. Through qualified tourism guides spring after your every need, Maldives excursions room a fantastic way to invest your holiday. Whether you desire to visit diverted islands, have a romantic sunset picnic or endeavor to the depths for big game fishing, there is a Maldives excursion for you.

Island hopping excursionsSunset picnicDolphin spottingRomantic Sand bank LunchFull moon cruiseBig video game fishingScenic cruise on timeless dhoni boatLocal island excursionEquator cruiseTurtle encountersCoral reef conservation

Other Maldives Activities


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