The base is a polygon (flat with right edges) and also all other encounters are triangles. No curves!

Types of Pyramids

There are many types of Pyramids, and they are named after the form of their base.

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Triangular Pyramid:Square Pyramid:Pentagonal Pyramid: ... And also so top top ...

Fly with some pyramids here.

Right vs slope Pyramid

This tells united state where the height (apex) the the pyramid is. When the apex is directly over the facility of the base it is a Right Pyramid, otherwise it is one Oblique Pyramid.

Right PyramidOblique Pyramid

Regular vs rarely often rare Pyramid

This tells us about the shape of the base. Once the basic is a continual polygon it is a Regular Pyramid, otherwise the is an Irregular Pyramid.

Regular PyramidIrregular PyramidBase is RegularBase is Irregular

Area and also Volume


The Volume the a Pyramid

1/3 × × Height

The surface ar Area of a Pyramid

When every side deals with are the same:

+1/2 × Perimeter ×

When side encounters are different:


Notes On surface ar Area

The surface ar Area has actually two parts: the area that the base (the basic Area), and the area that the side deals with (the Lateral Area).

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for Base Area :

It counts on the shape, there are different formulas because that triangle, square, etc. View Area because that formulas, or ours Area calculation Tool

For Lateral Area :

When every the side faces are the same:

Multiply the perimeter through the "slant length" and also divide through 2. This is since the side encounters are always triangles and also the triangle formula is "base time height separated by 2"

But as soon as the side faces are different (such together an "irregular" pyramid) us must include up the area of each triangle to uncover the complete lateral area.