A computer system is accumulated of materials such together Hardware, software, programs, data, and networking. Without this components, no system have the right to run.

In addition to this elements, a computer system is composed of four significant components. And they are: central handling unit, input/output devices and Memory as displayed in number below:

Secondary storage : contents of a computer System

Output device

The output an equipment is any kind of peripheral maker that receives or screens output native a computer. Output is any type of computer-generated information shown on-screen or printed on paper. It can be in the form of words, numbers, graphics, sound, videos, and also animations.

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An output machine performs the following functions:

It accepts results developed by the computer in binary coded form and converts lock into human being acceptable form.It offers converted results to the display screen unit or outside world.

The monitor, printer, and graphic plotter are few of the renowned output devices.

Output sent to a monitor is dubbed softcopy while output sent out to a printer is called hardcopy.

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