Selena Gomez is the owner of beautiful and expensive cars. She owns a Mercedes GLA 250, BMW 530i, Cadillac Escalade, variety Rover Evoque, BMW X5 and also many more.

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About Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is is an American singer, song writer, actress, and also producer. Not only her songs but additionally with she cuteness Selena is rulling our hearts. Ms Gomez deubted withchildren’s television series Barney & Friends. Selena Gomez has an approximated net precious of approximately $75 million. Selena is also one that the most adhered to celebrity top top Instagram. This write-up is all around cars own by Selena Gomez.

Cars owned By Selena Gomez

Car model NamesPrice In USD
Mercedes GLA 250$51,000
Range Rover Evoque$55,000
BMW X5$75,750
Cadillac CT6$58,000
Fiat 500$20,495
Cadillac Escalade$96795
BMW 530i $53,400
Mercedes S400 $91,000

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1. Mercedes GLA 250


Selena is freshly seen through her Mercedes S400. The S400 Mercedes is the flagship luxury sedan of the company.

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Expense of this deluxe is $91,000 that is whooping 1.45 crore INR. The 3.0L, V6 Turbocharged engine develop 328 Bhp and also 480 Nm torque.