If you’re native the UK, that quite likely that at some suggest you’ve heard among those random myths about Birmingham, (probably native a proud Brummie!) such together the city having an ext canals than Venice and being the birthplace of chocolate. Are these outstanding facts around Birmingham actually true, or just urban myths?

Myth – sort of! This one regularly gets mistakenly portrayed. Birmingham no have much more canals 보다 the Italian water-based city Venice, but it does have an ext miles of canals. Birmingham is the epicentre of the country’s bustling canal network and also proudly boasts roughly 35 miles (56 kilometres) that waterways.

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Fact. if it may not exactly be something to it is in shouting from the rooftops about (or treetops), Birmingham does in reality have an ext trees than Paris. We’re not exactly sure exactly how this one was functioned out, yet according come Birmingham City Council, the UK’s 2nd city boasts roughly 600 parks and also green spaces across much more than 8,000 acre of land.

Unconfirmed. While the widely believed that the world-famous silent movie star Charlie Chaplin to be born in Walworth, southern London, reports end the past couple of years have argued that he was in reality born in Smethwick, Birmingham. His daughter, Victoria, found a letter which supposedly asserted that Chaplin to be born in a ‘gipsy caravan in Smethwick’, yet the beginnings of his birth room still to be confirmed.


Myth. Unfortunately, Birmingham has never been the resources of England. There was a current spate of digital searches for this, but only Winchester and also Colchester have ever been pertained to as UK capitals, follow to history.

Fact – type of! if the original method of making custard (with eggs) has been approximately for numerous years, it was a Brummie, Alfred Bird, who created a powdered, egg-free custard formula in 1837; all since his mam was allergic to eggs. Bird’s Custard, among the world’s most renowned brands, called Digbeth your home and also its heritage still resides on now with The Custard Factory, the city’s creative hub.


Fact. The West Midlands together a region is an especially young, but Birmingham chin is the youngest city in Europe! follow to the city’s official tourist board, under 25s account for virtually 40% that the city’s population. Outstanding for a city with an ext than one million inhabitants!

Myth. if Birmingham is proud the house of Cadbury’s, among the world’s leading chocolatiers, the chocolate bar wasn’t actually developed in the city. The first solid coco bar was arisen by Joseph fried food of Fry’s, a Bristol confectionary company. However, Cadbury to be the an initial company to mass manufacture the milk cacao bar, which had actually a bigger proportion of milk than its competitors.



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another fact the Brummies like to boast – mainly to gain one up on Manchester – is the Birmingham’s culinary step is up there v the ideal in the country. Currently housing four Michelin-starred restaurants in Adam’s, Purnell’s, Carters of Moseley and also Simpsons, you’ll certainly want come treat yourself.

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