Just wondering what the bulk of world do in the situation of beginning off a trombone player.

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I was lucky sufficient to begin playing in school, and so was taught from the start in base Clef. (infact i had to purchase two song a work books because i purchase the threble clef one first)Ive taught some human being at the greater grades that seem to have real problem making the transition from brass band treble clef to concert pitch. (Bass clef is used pretty lot in every type of ensemble various other than a brass band.) much greater trouble infact 보다 those who have to learn to review treble in Bb come play in a band. (Like ns did. In fact i remember Ivor Barnet composing out the 2nd trombone component of suite gothique in base clef because that my very first contest! Not sure if thats permitted actually!!!)Its almost universally agreed by trombone players that it is in fact much more helpful later on for football player to be taught very first in bass and then learn treble. Obviously over there are many really fine players who began in treble also (Andy Berryman for one) therefore im no trying come say one method is much better than the other. Starting in bass clef obviously causes immediate troubles for players beginning in a band, but, is there a policy regarding this to be you teach?

Just wondering what the majority of human being do in the instance of starting off a trombone player.I was lucky sufficient to begin playing in school, and also so to be taught native the start in bass Clef. (infact i had to to buy two song a job books since i purchase the threble clef one first)Ive taught some civilization at the greater grades the seem to have actually real trouble making the shift from brass tape treble clef come concert pitch. (Bass clef is used pretty lot in every kind of ensemble other than a brass band.) far greater problem infact than those who need to learn to read treble in Bb to play in a band. (Like ns did. In reality i mental Ivor Barnet creating out the second trombone part of suite gothique in bass clef for my first contest! Not sure if thats enabled actually!!!)Its practically universally i agree by trombone players that it is in fact much more helpful in the future for players to be taught first in bass and also then learn treble. Obviously there are plenty of really fine football player who started in treble as well (Andy Berryman because that one) therefore im not trying come say one way is better than the other. Beginning in base clef obviously reasons immediate problems for players starting in a band, but, is over there a policy about this were you teach?
I"m not a teacher, yet I"m going to comment anyway. I began off play tenor trombone in a brass band, so ns learned treble clef. Through hindsight though, ns think more emphasis should have been placed on discovering to review in various other clefs. Ns learned to it is in comfortable reading bass clef end the years, however I"m still no happy as soon as presented v something in alto clef. Countless orchestral components are written favor this, and also at times ns do uncover it limiting.
I think that having a grounding in base clef does do the change to the various other concert pitch clefs easier. Perhaps its more to do with thinking about a C together a C not a Bb.

Also from a non-teaching place (sorry!) I discovered it much more helpful to be able to read base clef first. If every you space going to play is tenor trombone because that a brass band then go ahead and learn treble and only treble, but as has currently been proclaimed bass is the an ext commonly supplied clef in various other groups and also therefore I would certainly (hesitantly!) indicate the better clef to originally teach. Additionally the progression from bass to tenor and also then onto treble makes learning the "transposition" the bit easier as that is a herbal progression as technical capability improves. A further benefit of being able to check out bass clef is that you can play Eb components by simply including 3 flats to a key signature and reading it as bass clef - helpful if friend are brief of basses!

I don"t do much instrumental teaching any kind of more, yet previously ns have constantly worked top top the communication of what is finest for the separation, personal, instance student. My an initial choice is always to choose the clef in which the student is most likely to acquire most performance opportunities in the locality: ie, if a school has actually a mega "swing band" teach castle in bass clef/ if there are a the majority of youth bands in the vicinity start them in treble. The only other point that I would take into consideration is if the student has actually a specific interest in a specific ensemble - "my dad plays in a brass band and also therefore it is what I desire to do" etc etc. Ns think a more complicated question is in ~ what suggest in the to introduce the students come the next clef!
I to be a brass teacher and teach trombones in treble clef, mainly due to the fact that they are taught in teams with baritones or euphoniums. I additionally teach whole course (wider opportunities) brass at major level and it"s much less complicated for the youngsters to all find out the same notes in the very same clef when they"re starting off. In our area, most kids go on come play in brass bands, therefore it"s seldom an issue. As I likewise run our music company brass ensembles, i am normally happy come transpose components as vital so everyone can play. I have had some pupils go on to junior music college and the like; they have actually learnt to check out bass clef reasonably quickly.

The education system in Buckinghamshire don"t support any type of brass bands, so every trombone great by the peri"s space in base clef.(does explain the absence of young trombone players in Bucks brass bands - in reality the county music setup proactively discourages youngsters to take component in non-county-supported groups...)Euphoniums space taught in treble, however, once the learner gets to the higher "music centre" bands, they have to suddenly cope v bass. Its taken place to my boy in the last few weeks but he"s coped markedly well having learnt trombone as well in the past...

If ns may add a contribution as an larger student. I didn"t start learning the trombone till my mid-fifties and I was taught the treble clef. After playing in a brass band for a while, i was invite to go along to a "military" band. That"s once I encountered base clef and, obviously, i couldn"t read/play it.I was at first told to add a pair of sharps, take turn off a level or two, take far the note I an initial thought of and Bob"s yer uncle. So ns enrolled in a Saturday morning local Authority music school, particularly to find out
how to read/play bass clef - and that operated for me.

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I teach beginners and the training tape at Mid. We don"t have actually a plan as such about which clef to at first teach the trombones. Personally, correct or wrongly, i teach castle to review treble clef primarily since all our trombone music is in treble clef. I have considered teaching the trombones to review both treble and bass clef but bearing in mind most of mine students are main school age and also a vast majority are very young undoubtedly I don"t want to confuse them just yet. But I do give each player a good grounding in basic music theory consisting of teaching them around other clefs therefore hopefully as soon as they carry out come throughout bass and also alto clef lock will have actually some idea.
as a student i was taught an initial in bass clef i m sorry is for this reason much easier to then do a shift and learn treble celf Bb currently i haev to read 4 clefs and also i give thanks to the lord ns learnt bass first