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Who is Smokey Robinson?


Smokey Robinson is a great singer, famous songwriter, frontman that The Miracles, executive, management vice-president of Motown Records and also a room of Famer.

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Early Accomplishments

When he to be 15, he enlisted girlfriend to kind Five Chimes which was renamed The Matadors 2 years later on when 2 other friends joined. The group released their debut solitary Got A project in 1957, under the name The Miracles v the help of Berry Gordy. 

In 1959, Robinson began college yet stopped only after 2 months since of the success the his band.

Best recognized For

His 7th solo record Love Breeze in 1978 is thought about his most celebrated work, bested only by his Billboard chart-topping, Grammy-winning, gold certified album in 1987, One Heartbeat. 

With his group, Robinson has made 26 Top40 access time which consists of Love Machine, tracks of my Tears, Mickey’s Monkey and Tears the a Clown. 

Sexual Orientation

Smokey is straight. In his childhood days, that was neighbours with singer Diana Ross and also they dated for a quick while. 

His marriage to bandmate Claudette Rogers in 1959 damaged down in 1987 because of his extramarital affairs. 

He has since been wedded come Frances Gladney from 2002.


He is the just male kid of parental William and Flossie Robinson and his sisters space Geraldine and Rose. That is the dad of Berry and Tamla from ex-wife Claudette and also Trey from his extramarital affair.


Smokey techniques Transcendental Meditation.

Worth come Know

Before fame, Smokey had currently written 100 song in a notebook he carried around.

He gained his nickname Smokey Joe indigenous his uncle who constantly took him to watch cowboy mirrors as a kid.

Smokey distinctively has golden green eyes.

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His genuine name is wilhelm Jr.When he to be young he smoked weed, and in some suggest in his life he to be addicted to cocaine.He has been a vegetarian since 1972.
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